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Sony Exec Teases "Amazing Big Title" For PS Vita
PS Vita gamers, are you looking forward to more titles arriving on the handheld console? Well if you are, you might be in for a treat because according to Sony’s Senior Business Development Manager, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, it seems that a big name title would be arriving on the PS Vita soon! According to the tweet by Ahmad, he was quoted as saying, “There is an AMAZING big title coming […]

GTA 1 And 2 Rated For PS3, PS Vita And PSP
Rockstar knows that having a strong back catalog of solid video games which have stood the test of time is one surefire way of making a quick buck, as it is one cow that is worth milking many times over. Just take a look at Nintendo and their library of games and you will know what I mean. As gamers look forward to GTA 5, here we are with information […]

No Monster Hunter Planned For The PS Vita
Capcom’s Monster Hunter was available on the PSP handheld console, which is why many rightfully assumed it would eventually make its way onto the PS Vita as well, or will it? Unfortunately for PS Vita owners, it seems that if you want to enjoy Monster Hunter on your handheld console, you’re out of luck unless you don’t mind settling for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is essentially a PSP port, […]

PlayStation 3, PS Vita Owners Can Now Queue Downloads Via PSN Web Store
Being able to download demos, arcade titles and downloadable content onto your Xbox 360 from the comfort of your home office is as easy as queuing up each download to your account to then begin downloading the next time you turn on your console. It’s certainly a feature I use on a regular basis, and one that took way too long to be made available on the PlayStation 3, which […]


Sony's PlayStation 4 And PS Vita Were Developed Simultaneously, According to Shuhei Yoshida
When the Sony PlayStation 4 was announced earlier this year, one of the features that Sony was boasting about at the event would be Remote Play. Basically this allowed Vita owners to play games on the PlayStation 4 on the handheld console, which sounds remarkably similar to the Nintendo Wii U where the secondary screen can be used to play Wii U games if the TV is in use by […]

PS Vita System Software 2.10 Update
So, you feel that you cannot get enough of your PS Vita portable gaming console, and would wish that there were some ways that the software or firmware could be improved? Well, good news for folks who feel this way then, as the PS Vita system software update that will bump up the version number to version 2.10 has been announced and released, where it will include a slew of […]

Little Big Planet Developer Launching New Game 'Tearaway' Oct. 22 On PS Vita
Media Molecule, who is best known for their hugely popular Little Big Planet series, have been working on a new title for the PS Vita called Tearaway. Today, Sony is announcing the game will be made available on the PlayStation Network on October 22.As you’ll see from a newly published video, Tearaway borrows much of its gameplay mechanics from Little Big Planet, although it isn’t just a side-scrolling platformer. Tearaway […]

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Releasing On PSN On April 24
As a regular anime watcher, you don’t know how upsetting it is to know shows that I thoroughly enjoyed have video games that are either based on the show or continue its story only available in Japan. I could import them, but seeing how I can’t read a lick of Japanese, it could be rather difficult to do so. That’s why when I heard not only would the U.S. be […]

Worms To Arrive On The PS Vita Later This Year
If you grew up playing games like Worms on your computer, then chances are you might have be pleased when it arrived on mobile devices. However if playing on your phone isn’t your thing, Managing Director at Team17, Debbie Bestwick, has announced that Worms will be arriving on the PS Vita later this year, although there is no word on when exactly that will happen. According to Bestwick, “One big […]

TellTale's The Walking Dead Coming To PlayStation Vita This Year
TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead game, which is not to be confused with Activision’s cringe-worthy The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, has made an absolute killing as TellTale announced earlier this year they sold a total of 8.5 million episodes since its April debut. The game has been made available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and even iOS, and it’ll soon be making its way to another game platform […]

Official Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trailer Posted Online
Another exciting bit of gaming news for all you gamers out there. The first official trailer of Final Fantasy X HD remaster have been posted online. It had previously been confirmed that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are going to be released in North America. This official trailer, which is actually supposed to be shown to the public tomorrow, gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming titles.Square […]

Final Fantasy X HD Will Come With Final Fantasy X-2 On PS3
Last month, we caught a glimpse of some screenshots for Final Fantasy X on the PS Vita and we immediately were impressed how well it looked on the system. It looks as though Square Enix is also planning for Final Fantasy X to be made available on the PS3 called “Final Fantasy X HD.”Final Fantasy X HD on the PS3 seems like it’ll be the ideal version to get as […]

SEGA Teases PS3 And PS Vita Announcement For 28th March
If you love SEGA games, you might be interested to learn that SEGA could be announcing new games for both the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita come 28th of March. A Japanese teaser site was launched in which the screenshot above was shown. Unfortunately apart from the date and both the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 consoles being listed, not much else is known. Some are hoping and speculating […]

PS Vita 3G Retails For $199.97 At Select Stores
Earlier this month, we read about how PS Vita sales in Japan basically quadrupled – which is no mean feat by the way, after receiving a price cut. This certainly did lead to hopes of gamers living across the other side of the Pacific pond to wonder whether we too, will be on the receiving end of such “generosity” on Sony’s part. It looks like it though, as word has […]