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FIFA 14 On PS Vita Will Be A Re-Skin Of FIFA 13
FIFA 14 is headed to pretty much every video game platform known to man next month, with many soccer (or football) fans to countdown when the next iteration of EA’s popular franchise will be made available. FIFA 14 will introduce a number of improvements over the previous version, although if you’re planning on purchasing the game on the PS Vita, you may want to hold off considering it’s been uncovered […]

Sony PS Vita Price Cut Official, Now Available For $199.99
A little over a week ago we reported about an ad spotted over at Target which hinted at the possibility of Sony slashing PS Vita price. The ad showed off a $199.99 price tag for the Vita as opposed to its $249.99 price. The price cut has now been confirmed. At the Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany, Sony formally announced that PlayStation Vita portable gaming console will now sell for […]

Redesigned PS Vita Rumored For Launch In September
While we know that Sony will be launching the PlayStation 4 later this year, it seems that Sony might have plans to introduce a new PS Vita as well. According to The Magic Box, they have reported that based on an article in a Japanese newspaper, apparently Sony will be introducing a PS Vita handheld console in September, possibly during the Tokyo Games Show. The new PS Vita is expected to […]

PS Vita Price Cut Suggested By Retailer Ad
Sometime last week, we did talk about how the PS4 has been rumored to receive a PS Vita bundle for $500 later this year, but that remains to be seen or confirmed, so patience is the only way to see through such rumblings on the grapevine. Well, on a different note, a recently spotted ad over at Target offers a whole lot more concrete information than pure speculation where the […]


PS4 Rumored To Receive PS Vita Bundle For $500 In 2013
It should be no secret by now for future PlayStation 4 owners Sony will be using its PlayStation Vita as a way to extend the experience gamers will have with the console on a handheld. We already know both the PS4 and PS Vita were developed at the same time with Sony mandating remote-play support for all PS4 titles, so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to hear a rumor circulating […]

Worms Revolution Extreme To Arrive On The PS Vita In 2013
So, we do know that Worms 3 will be hitting the iOS platform sometime in the third quarter of this year – which should be anytime from now until the end of September. Well, if you do not own an iOS device, but do happen to tote the PS Vita around and are a huge Worms fan, here is some news that will be sure to pique your interest – […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Headed To Consoles, Handhelds On October 29
We think it’s safe to say everyone has had their fill of Angry Birds Star Wars news for the rest of this month which started with the original game being made available for free on iOS, which was then followed up with news of its sequel just a few days after. Now it looks like we’ve got another piece of Angry Birds Star Wars news for you to chew on as  Rovio […]

Sony Launching Summer Blast Sale Tomorrow For PS3, PS Vita Games
Sony is launching its Summer Blast sale for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games starting tomorrow.

Sony Launches Indie Games Channel For PS Vita Gamers
Journey is probably one of the more well-known indie titles available for the Sony PlayStation 3, and it looks like Sony’s commitment to indie developers has not faltered as the company has recently launched a new Indie Games channel for its PS Vita owners in which gamers of Sony’s handheld console will be able to browse indie games. As it stands, there are about 53 titles sitting in the new […]

Sony Confirms Mandatory Remote Play Support With PS4 Titles On PS Vita
Sony might have just breathed a new lease of life into the PS Vita by introducing mandatory Remote Play support with all PS4 titles.

Rayman Legends Headed To PS Vita In September [Update]
Ubisoft has confirmed Rayman Legends will be making its way to the PS Vita this August.

PS Vita Owners Can Stream Sony's E3 Conference On Their Device
For PS Vita owners out of the country during E3 or do not have access to a computer, it seems that you will be able to stream the event on your handheld console!

Sony's Panopticon Revealed To Be Freedom Wars, A PS Vita Exclusive
The other day Sony Japan revealed the trailer for a game called Panopticon. The trailer did not really tell us much about the game, and if you’re wondering just what the heck it is, well as it turns out, the game’s official title is Freedom Wars and it will be a game exclusive to Sony’s handheld console, the PS Vita. Sony has also released a new trailer video which is […]

iOS Game Spending Outpaces Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita In Q1 2013
If you play games on your smartphone as well as dedicated handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, then you probably know just how easy it is to spend a ton of money on your mobile games versus what you’d probably spend for an individual game on a gaming handheld. It seems you’re not the only one to think this way as according to a newly published study, consumers […]