Two Quadrocopters Seen Performing Pole Acrobatics

We’ve seen quadrocopters do some amazing things over the years as they’ve played the entire James Bond theme song, can fly autonomously with the help of the Kinect and even fulfill the dreams of a dead cat by taking him on a little joy ride. The latest quadrocopter exercise Flying Machine Arena has captured for our viewing pleasure shows them performing some extremely impressive pole acrobatics. Throwing around a stick probably wouldn’t […]

The Orvillecopter is a flying dead cat

If you’ve never seen a flying cat, wait until you see a flying dead cat. As part of a visual art project, some folks decided to put the tanned hide of a dead cat onto a quadrocopter Called the Orvillecopter, this half-cat, half-machine creation was named after one of the Wright brothers, Orville Wright. At the moment it isn’t capable of flying very far – but its creators will be […]

Quadrocopters play the James Bond theme song

There seems to be no shortage of what quadrocopters can do these days, and recently the students from Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science recently found out how to make them play music. They set up a whole bunch of instruments in room, and let loose a swarm of quadrocopters to perform the James Bond theme song on them. The copters are said to be completely autonomous and are […]

VideoZoom10x payload turns the Aeryon Scout into an awesome spycopter

Gone are the days when you can easily tell if anybody’s watching you from a distance or not. The folks over at Aeryon Labs have built a spy camera designed to be attached to their lightweight quadrocopter, the Aeryon Scout. Called the VideoZoom10x, this add-on to the Aeryon Scout turns the quadrocopter into a nightmare for people who are hiding out or on the run. Well how powerful is this […]


Quadrocopter Can Fly Autonomously Thanks to Kinect Cam

We know, we know, every time a new Kinect hack or project makes its way onto YouTube, we call it the coolest Kinect hack ever, but we can’t help it – the stuff people are doing with the Xbox 360 motion detecting camera is amazing. This new hack by a bunch of robotics students at MIT and the University of Washington is undoubtedly impressive. By combining a Kinect with a […]

Quadrocopter gets into the Christmas mood and plays the piano

Can’t get enough of the cool quadrocopter? Well, since Christmas is just around the corner, this futuristic robot-copter is getting jolly too, as it’s programmed to play tunes on a piano. It’s dubbed the Echo and was recently performing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control. Check out a video of it after the jump, and wait for the end to see how things […]

Kinect Turned Into A Quadrocopter Radar

The Microsoft Kinect and Quadrocopters are cool devices and when you combine them together, you get a rather cool setup. With everything set up hunky dory, the quadrocopter can use the Kinect as a 3D radar, facilitating the robot’s autonomous maneuvering around a predetermined track. You can check out a video of it in action after the jump and see that it handles obstacles rather well. Hopefully we won’t have […]

DIY Wooden Quadrocopter

It’s easy to understand why everybody would be drooling over the Parrot AR.Drone, though if you don’t have the bread and want to own a cool quadrocopter of your own, you could always build one yourself, which is what someone out there did. Using plans from an old Roswell Quadrocopter kit, he created his own flying beast that can hover and automatically fly to coordinates via GPS, or you can […]