We’ve seen quadrocopters do some amazing things over the years as they’ve played the entire James Bond theme song, can fly autonomously with the help of the Kinect and even fulfill the dreams of a dead cat by taking him on a little joy ride. The latest quadrocopter exercise Flying Machine Arena has captured for our viewing pleasure shows them performing some extremely impressive pole acrobatics.

Throwing around a stick probably wouldn’t be considered that big of a deal to us humans, but to have quadrocopters performing these acrobatics feats, especially when you consider they do it with pinpoint accuracy, then we know you’ll probably be impressed too.

Unfortunately, we don’t see any serious juggling as the two quadrocopters featured in this video don’t throw around their pole to one another. Instead, one quadrocopter tosses a pole to the other, the the second quadrocopter catching it. Still, this is pretty impressive when you think how it was achieved.

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