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Quickoffice Removed From Google Play And App Store
A couple of years ago, the technology giant known as Google picked up Quickoffice, and after making it available for free to iOS and Android users, it is time that the curtains are brought down on this “servant” of theirs. After all, the folks over at Google has since managed to successfully port over plenty of Quickoffice’s range of features all the way to its Google Drive service, and with […]

Google Makes QuickOffice Free For iOS, Android Users
Google unveiled its QuickOffice for iOS and Android devices along with Drive support last year, allowing those on the go to be able to create and edit documents until they’re blue in the face. Unfortunately, QuickOffice comes at a price as Google requires a subscription to its Google Apps services in order to use the application on supporting devices, but that changes today as the company is announcing it’s making […]

Google Quickoffice Now Available On iPhone, Android With Drive Support
Both Android and iOS users have been clamoring for a version of Microsoft Office on their respective devices for years now, with Microsoft reportedly losing $2.5 billion in possible revenue for every year a mobile version Microsoft Office isn’t released. While Microsoft continues to debate whether or not they should deliver an Android or iOS version of Microsoft Office, Google has beaten them to the punch as they have just released their […]

Google acquires mobile productivity app maker Quickoffice
Google has launched yet another conquest to expand its vast empire. Yesterday, we said that Google acquired social platform Meebo for an undisclosed sum. Google also bought KikScore yesterday in case you missed that part. But this time, the search engine giant has acquired the mobile productivity app maker Quickoffice. The latter is a productivity suite for mobile devices, which allows users to to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel […]


QuickOffice update for HP TouchPad now live (updated)
Great news to HP TouchPad owners – remember the QuickOffice update that enabled document editing and was supposed to arrive last week? While the update didn’t arrive on time, it’s not too late either, and HP has just announced on its blog that the QuickOffice update is now live for the webOS tablet. To get the update for your HP TouchPad, just head over to the webOS App Catalog. The […]

QuickOffice suite for Android ready for Honeycomb
If you love QuickOffice, then chances are you would have an app of it running on your Android-powered tablet. What happens, however, when current tablets start to upgrade to Android 3.0 Honeycomb down the road? Will your software become obsolete? Nay, QuickOffice suite for Android has been redesigned and will be able to play nice with tablets powered by that version of tablet-optimized operating system, Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This […]