Ramos M12 Tablet Runs On Intel Processor

Ramos has just revealed a brand new tablet which ain’t too shabby, really – the Ramos M12. In fact, the Ramos M12 will be powered by Intel’s very own low-power Core M processor, which would be the 1.1GHz Intel Core M-5Y70 chipset. This 11.6” tablet will also be accompanied by a Full HD display, so you can be sure that those high resolution movies that you have downloaded would fare […]

Ramos i9s Game Edition Revealed

We have seen Bluetooth game controllers for smartphones in the past, where those free up space on the touchscreen so that you will not have your thumbs block what is shown on the display. Well, here is another offering for those who tend to get more of their portable gaming kicks on a tablet compared to a dedicated portable game console like the Sony PS Vita or the Nintendo 3DS, […]

Chinese Manufacturers Look To Windows 8.1 Tablets

When it comes to the world of tablets, I am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the all conquering iPad from Apple, which does not look as though it is going to relinquish its throne anytime soon. Apart from that, there has also been a slew of Android-powered tablets that were introduced over the years, but what on the Windows front? Well, two Chinese manufacturers intend to […]

Ramos Of China Rolls Out Intel Powered Android Tablets

Chinese device manufacturer Ramos has just announced that they will be lifting up the curtain on a new range of Android-powered tablets that will run on Intel’s line of processors. This would definitely mark a first for the company, and needless to say, the naming convention that Ramos has decided to take with the new Intel-powered tablets is way too obvious, calling them the new Ramos i-series. Underneath the hood […]


Ramos K1 Tablet Looks Like The HTC One

I know that the HTC One is far from being a tablet, but rather, it happens to be a flagship smartphone that has picked up its fair share of bouquets in the past months since it was released. Still, it has proven itself to be quite an inspiration to other device manufacturers. Case in point – the Ramos K1 that is all set for a China release. While it was […]

Ramos W17 PRO the Google Nexus tablet killer?

I just received this bit of promotional material in my inbox, where it states that the upcoming Ramos W17 PRO will be the tablet that brushes aside all affordably priced Android-powered tablets – even the rumored Google Nexus tablet, too. There is one fatal flaw that I believe Ramos has placed their faith in, which would be the hardware specifications alone. Great hardware specifications does not necessarily translate to a […]

RAmos teases us with W10, W12 and W15 tablet pictures ahead of CES

[CES 2011] Manufacturers out there are fond of teasing us with product pictures before CES and next up are some pictures from RAmos. The company will be unveiling three new Cortex A9-based tablets at the upcoming CES 2011, which are the W10, W12 and W15. The W12 will be using an A9 SoC (System-on-Chip) and will feature an 8-inch display with a 4:3 screen ratio, along with a capacitive touch […]

RAmos T11AD portable media player runs on Android

RAmos has rolled out its latest T11AD portable media player which will come with a 5-inch display at 800 × 480 resolution, running off a Rockchip RK2818 chipset that is more than capable of handling full HD 1080p video playback. Other hardware specifications include Wi-Fi connectivity to help you go online whenever there is a decent Wi-Fi hotspot, an SD memory card slot for expansion purposes as well as a […]

RAmos W9 Mobile Internet Device gets Android as well

RAmos’ Android Mobile Internet Device (MID) debuted in the form of the W7, and after some time, we now have a sequel in the form of the RAmos W9. This 7″ tablet-like device will run off the Android operating system as well, although there is still no word on the version as at press time. Apart from that, there is a probability that it will be powered by Rockchip’s RK2818 […]

RAmos W7 Android-powered Tablet Begins To Ship In China

You might remember the RAmos W7 Android-powered MID that we brought to your attention some time back. If you’re over in China, the good news is that the device has started to ship over there and will set you back 999 Yuan ($146). While the specifications of the device are still consistent with what we’ve been hearing before this, the continued use of Android 1.5 will be disappointing to many […]

RAmos T18 portable media player

RAmos’ latest T18 portable media player is pretty hard to tell from all of the other models, since they sport a pretty generic design. Still, the difference lies under the hood, where the T18 will come with a 7″ display while boasting 1080p video support as well as HDMI output, just in case you think that the 7″ display won’t do your downloaded full HD files any justice. Other features […]

RAmos Q28cam portable media player

Following the footsteps of the iPod nano, RAmos’ Q28cam portable media player comes with a built-in camera that ought to make it a far more versatile portable photo frame – after all, you will be able to snap photos on the spot and share them with friends whom you’re meeting up with later. Of course, it won’t be a replacement for your digital camera anytime soon since it maxes out […]

RAmos T13FHD portable media player

RAmos lights up the portable media player market yet again with the T13FHD, where it offers full HD resolution alongside an HDMI port and a TV-out port which ought to come handy in watching your videos over a standard definition TV or a HDTV. It does share a very close resemblance for with the company’s T11 series. There are no words about pricing though. Would you settle for a regular […]

RAmos T11TE unveiled

RAmos has rolled out yet another portable media player – the T11TE that will be based on the Telechips TCC8900 chipset. What makes the T11TE special is this – it is well capable of supporting 1080p video playback and 1080p HDMI output, alongside a wide range of codec support such as H.264, VC-1, Xvid, Divx, MKV and AVI. Other features include a 5″ 800×480 touchscreen display, Flash User Interface and […]