I just received this bit of promotional material in my inbox, where it states that the upcoming Ramos W17 PRO will be the tablet that brushes aside all affordably priced Android-powered tablets – even the rumored Google Nexus tablet, too. There is one fatal flaw that I believe Ramos has placed their faith in, which would be the hardware specifications alone. Great hardware specifications does not necessarily translate to a superior user experience, never mind that the Ramos W17 PRO itself will run on the AML8726-MX processor, being the first of its kind to do so. Other hardware specifications include a 7″ IPS display at 1024 x 600 resolution, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB of internal memory, and reportedly, boasts of performance levels that are superior to select NVIDIA Tegra 2 tablets.

Another potential advantage that the Ramos W17 PRO has would be its sub-$200 price point that will definitely encroach on the Amazon Kindle Fire as well as Google Nexus tablet territories. The thing is, will the overall design of the tablet itself be able to work seamlessly with whatever is underneath the hood? Not to mention the fact that whatever software updates that Google rolls out first for Android, it will definitely arrive on their own tablet and smartphone devices first before others.

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