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iPhone 5 shape suggested by leaked case renders
An image of some case renders for the upcoming iPhone has surfaced online, and it looks like the iPhone 5 will have a shape similar to the iPhone 4. The renders of the case look just like any other regular iPhone 4 case except that there’s a slot in the case now that goes over where the SIM card is stored on the iPhone 4. This has led to speculations […]

HTC Pyramid specs and renders leaked
After a number of rumors of HTC’s upcoming dual-core phone, it looks like we finally have some images of the device. A couple of renders and specs of the HTC Pyramid have surfaced online, lending more credibility to the stories. Judging by the specs of the device it looks like it’s going to be one impressive phone. It is said to be the world’s first Android phone that packs a […]

iPhone 4G Rendered In Pretty Pastel Colors
With the recent render of the white iPhone 4G followed by live pictures of the device, are you busy thinking what it would be like to have the upcoming iPhone 4G offered in various colors, like the iPod nano? While it doesn’t seem like Apple will be offering other color choices just yet, some folks have come up with renders of the iPhone 4G in various colors. What do you […]

More Leaked MOTOSPLIT Details
Some additional details on the rather interesting Motorola MOTOSPLIT have surfaced, though it’s hard to tell whether the renders are the real deal or not. Aside from its wacky keyboard design, it’s now said that this phone sports the same specifications as the Motorola Backflip. There are a couple of other vague details released, though you can make what you may out of it, as this is turning out to […]