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Sony XDR-S16DBP puts the retro in radio
If you own a really cool radio from the 80s, but you’re unwilling to let go of it after all the money and time you spent getting it fixed up each time it broke down, it’s about time you move on. Good thing for you, Sony has decided to make retro cool again and has released a new DAB/DAB+/FM digital radio. The XDR-S16DBP may not be from the 80s, but […]

Cram your webcam into an old fashioned camera with some DIY skills
Webcams nowadays pretty much look alike, but if you’re the type of person who loves to be creative and look different from the rest, perhaps you’d be interested in a DIY project for your webcam. Folks out there have posted some useful step-by-step instructions on how to cram a webcam into an old-fashioned camera, giving you a webcam that will definitely stand out in the crowd. Of course, it won’t […]

Classic video game cartridges turned into external hard drives
A seller going by the name of 8Bir Memory on the DIY store, has started selling old Super Nintendo game cartridges modified into external hard disk drives. The epitome of nerdiness? You bet. And we’re loving it. He has converted classic titles such as Star Wars, Metroid, the Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2 into useful hard disk drives. Besides looking good, the cartridges disguise the fact that they […]

Flood in Brisbane destroys retro game console collection
If you’re an avid collector of retro video game consoles you’ll probably feel the pain of this poor guy in Brisbane, Australia. Amidst the recent floods that have been happening in that part of the world, the latest one totally wrecked his lifelong collection of retro gaming controls. PC-Engines, old Segas, Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds, game cartridges – you name it, he probably had it (maybe even more than […]


The Millennium Table holds your coffee while you play games
Are you a fan of coffee and arcade gaming? Then the Millennium Table might be just the right table for you. This interesting coffee table comes with an in-built arcade machine that contains 60 classic games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Asteroids! If you’re a clumsy drinker, you can rest assured that any coffee spillages won’t be damaging your arcade machine that’s tucked away safely behind some see through […]

Skeleton Key flash drive is modern and retro
How many of you are bored with the old, similar looking thumb drives that every other manufacturer seems to put out? How about a thumb drive in the shape of a key instead? While we’re at that, let’s make it a skeleton key to give it that retro, classic feel? Viola, we have the skeleton key flash drive from Fredflare. While it won’t be opening any doors for you, it […]

Retro iPhone Boom Box Dock
Who can forget those retro boom boxes? Sure, you might never use them again, since your entire music library is in your iPhone or iPod, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the retro design back, and that’s the Innovative Technology Boom Box. This boom box supports your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player via an auxiliary audio input. You’ll be able to dock your iPhone into the cassette deck, […]

Retro Cell Speaker System And Charger For iPhone Is Nostalgic
If you’re looking for a way to make your iPhone look retro to remind you of the good old days, you might want to check out the Speaker System & Charger for the iPhone from Retro Cells, which will make your iPhone 3G/3GS/4 look very much like your old school “portable” phone. It functions as a speaker, and also offers an FM radio, alarm clock, and backlit LCD. The built-in […]

Hyperkin RetroN 3 Allows You To Game With Your Old NES, Genesis And Super Nintendo Cartridges Again
Is your old gaming console trashed, but the games still work? If you’re nostalgic and want to play those games again without having to resort to an emulator, the folks over at Hyperkin might have something that would interest you – the RetroN 3. This gaming console supports games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, all in one handy package. If you still have […]

Prive Retro Gold Phone Is Going for $200k
Sometimes, just giving your phone the gold treatment isn’t enough to ensure that it sets you apart from the crowd. What do you do when you really want to stand out? You could always try getting the Privé from Stuart Hughes, which not only costs £139,995 ($213,492), it also looks like a cell phone from back in the stone age (or slightly newer). Sure, it has a 22ct gold shell […]

Desk Phone Dock Turns Your iPhone Retro
Do you despise technology and yearn for the good old days where phones still had cords? Well, the Desk Phone Dock for your iPhone might just be able to do the trick. It’s a docking station for your iPhone, featuring two built-in speakers, a microphone, volume control, instant mute, USB and AC power sources, and you’ll be able to use it like your traditional land line. Of course, you’re still […]

Seiko Frequency Retro Watch Available On eBay
We’ve seen all sorts of high-tech wristwatches before, but there are some retro watches that always seem interesting. The Seiko Frequency is one of those cool watches that would belong somewhere in your collection of cool stuff. It has a built-in speaker and sports 6 drum patterns created specifically for the watch by Tetsuya Komuro, one of the most successful and influential pop songwriters and producers in Japan. It also […]

Philco PC goes retro
Check out the Philco PC design that has certainly rolled back the years by taking on a rather nostalgic form factor which is reminiscent of the 1954 design classic Philco Predicta. It runs on the latest Windows 7 operating system though, but seeing that this is but a concept at point of publishing, to heck with specifications as those are only limited by your imagination. How would you like to […]