Hyperkin RetroN 3 Allows You To Game With Your Old NES, Genesis And Super Nintendo Cartridges Again

Is your old gaming console trashed, but the games still work? If you’re nostalgic and want to play those games again without having to resort to an emulator, the folks over at Hyperkin might have something that would interest you – the RetroN 3. This gaming console supports games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, all in one handy package. If you still have your old controllers, the RetroN 3 offers the necessary ports to connect those controllers, or you could use the included wireless controllers that look similar to a 6-button Genesis controller. It’s available in either red or gray and will set you back $69.99. Is your thirst for nostalgia enough to make you shell out $69.99?

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