OmniROM Targets Android Devices

It does seem as though there are plans to roll out a new custom version of Android that will be known as OmniROM, thanks to the efforts by a group of rather well known developers – at least in the Android custom ROM universe, that is. Needless to say, OmniROM will run first and foremost on the most recent Google Nexus handsets as well as tablets, with the addition of […]

Unofficial Nokia Lumia 820 And 920 Amber ROMs Available

Should you happen to own either a Nokia Lumia 820 or the higher end model of that corresponding smartphone generation, the Nokia Lumia 920, then you might be pleased to hear that the Amber update is out a little bit earlier than expected. Sure, this particular update is not the official one, but for those with the intestinal fortitude to give unofficial ROMs a go, you might want to check […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Android 4.3 ROM Available

A Google Play Edition Android 4.3 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been made avaialble.

HTC One Google Edition ROM Now Out

The HTC One Google Edition ROM is now available for the HTC One.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE receives AOSP Jelly Bean ROM

For those of you who are rather tired in a dogged manner waiting for Verizon Wireless to release the most recent Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE, here is some news for you. It seems that an AOSP build from XDA Developers is now available, with Build JRO03L arriving on AOSP servers yesterday. Unfortunately, there is no official changelog at the moment, and one […]

Sony Xperia arc S ROM ported onto the Galaxy Nexus

Different Android users like different UIs that different manufacturers ship with their phones. Some might like the HTC Sense UI and will go for a HTC device, while others might prefer Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, while others prefer a stock experience as how Google had intended Android to be like. Unfortunately sometimes it will result in a toss up between hardware and software, with some deciding that they’d rather have hardware […]

Dell Streak 7 receives Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

Dell might have stopped selling the Streak 7 in the US, but that does not mean there is no more life in this particular tablet. No sir, a community of unofficial developers have come together to conjure a beta build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, where they borrowed several elements from the Cyanogenmod team. There is a giant disclaimer over here just in case you think that your Streak […]

Google Wallet successfully flashed onto the Galaxy Nexus

Due to Verizon’s partnership with ISIS (together with AT&T and T-Mobile), we have to admit that we can’t say we were surprised to find out that Google Wallet would not be making its way onto the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon claims it’s because of Google Wallet’s security which is why the feature was not available on the Galaxy nexus, while other claim it’s a case of ISIS vs Google Wallet. Either […]

Motorola Triumph receives Ice Cream Sandwich build

Do not be misled by the moniker Motorola Triumph, it might sound pretty mighty and all, but in reality, it is not exactly a high end device that you would lust for. It falls under the mid-range scheme of things, but it has proved to be quite the attractive purchase for those who want something better than what the bottom of the food chain offers. It remains to be seen […]

First Galaxy Nexus sold in the UK came loaded with an older Android 4.0 developer ROM

Sometimes being the first in line doesn’t always pay off, as Alex Ioannu discovered much to his dismay. He was the first in line to get his hand on Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Nexus at the UK launch, but when he got home he discovered that this was not the device that he paid for as his device was loaded up with an older Android 4.0 developer ROM.

Ice Cream Sandwich SDK ports kick off, Nexus S 4G first to receive it

The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK has been released, so you can brace yourself to be on the receiving end of a bunch of SDK-based ROM ports, although not all of them are guaranteed to work 100% in every way. It seems that Beezy’s labor of love has resulted in the Nexus S 4G being the first non-Galaxy Nexus smartphone to run Ice Cream Sandwich – unofficially, of course. Bear in […]

HTC Flyer gets Honeycomb 3.2 update

The HTC Flyer is a pretty decent tablet based on specs alone, more so given that this is HTC’s first Android tablet. The downside is that unfortunately the stylus which is supposed to be optimized (and part of the experience) for the Flyer was initially sold separately and customers had to pay an additional $80 for the experience. It also came with Gingerbread, which is a great platform for smartphones, […]

HTC Puccini ROM leaked

HTC Flyers and developers, are you looking forward to seeing what the HTC Puccini will be bringing to the table? If you are the good news is that a leak for the HTC Puccini ROM has been discovered by an XDA forum member, ikingblack.

Froyo for Samsung Continuum leaks

Remember the other Galaxy S phone that was released on Verizon? No not the Fascinate, the other one. The special variant that was released with an extra tiny display under the main screen? In case you haven’t gotten the answer yet – it’s the Continuum we’re talking about. While just when we thought Samsung/Verizon has forgotten about it, a very special update for the phone has managed to leak onto […]