omniIt does seem as though there are plans to roll out a new custom version of Android that will be known as OmniROM, thanks to the efforts by a group of rather well known developers – at least in the Android custom ROM universe, that is. Needless to say, OmniROM will run first and foremost on the most recent Google Nexus handsets as well as tablets, with the addition of just a bunch of devices from both Sony and Oppo. The software itself will be based on the Android Open Source Project, where it will deliver a bunch of customizations, performance tweaks, and apps, with the main focal point being on the user community.

According to the team, development of OmniROM will happen out in the open, so that users will be able to enjoy early access to mockups as well as prototypes of new features, allowing them to offer feedback via the relevant processes. If you were to put it succinctly in other words, OmniROM is somewhat a reaction to the most recent developments from CyanogenMod. Developers Chainfire, XplodedWild, and Dees_Troy happen to be members of the OmniROM team, who are also the same people behind the SuperSU app, the Focal camera app, and also the lead developer of TWRP custom recovery.

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