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Froyo for Samsung Continuum leaks
Remember the other Galaxy S phone that was released on Verizon? No not the Fascinate, the other one. The special variant that was released with an extra tiny display under the main screen? In case you haven’t gotten the answer yet – it’s the Continuum we’re talking about. While just when we thought Samsung/Verizon has forgotten about it, a very special update for the phone has managed to leak onto […]

Motorola Droid Pro and Samsung Continuum get priced
Another day, another leak – good thing this isn’t leakage from the government’s coffers, but rather, information which you can leverage to work out your monthly budget to see whether it can make room for either a new Motorola Droid Pro or Samsung Continuum. This Verizon Wireless price list points towards details of both Android-powered smartphones, where the Droid Pro will be up for pre-sale on November 9th, hitting ships […]

Verizon Droid 2 Global on 11/11, Droid Pro and Samsung Continuum Price Leaked
According to our sister site UberPhones, the Droid 2 Global by Motorola is slated for a launch on November 11 and will feature a CDMA radio for CDMA/EV-DO connections in the U.S. for Verizon’s network and also a GSM radio for GSM/HSPA voice and data while traveling abroad. Reportedly, there will be two models of the Droid 2 global–available in both the dark blue hue of the original Droid 2 […]

Samsung Continuum comparison chart
Fanboys of a particular device – say a smartphone, can argue till the cows come home on the pros and cons of their particular handset. Well, what better way to settle all disputes than using cold, hard facts? That’s what Verizon Wireless did with their latest comparison chart, pitting the upcoming Samsung Continuum with the Droid X, Droid 2, Incredible and Fascinate – all top tier Android-powered handsets. Sadly enough […]


Clearer Pictures Of The Samsung Continuum Surface, Showing The Ticker Display
We saw some leaked pictures of the upcoming Samsung Continuum for Verizon, though they were a little blurry, now more pictures have surfaced, and the good news is that they’re clear, and give us a much better look at the ticker display at the lower half of the phone. The Continuum should be sporting the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor as other Galaxy S phones, 336MB of RAM, Super AMOLED display […]