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Leaked Bada OS 1.2 Brings Trace Keyboard Input To The Samsung Wave S8500
If you’re using the old Samsung Wave S8500 and want in on the keyboard-tracing fun, a leaked build of bada OS 1.2 (S8500XXJID) has surfaced that seems to bring keyboard-tracing input to the device. The input method is claimed to be from Swype, though some folks speculate that it may be Nuance’s T9 Trace instead. Still, regardless of which system it is, the ability to use a Swype-like input would […]

Samsung Wave S8500 does 1 million unit sales in Europe
Samsung’s maiden outing when it comes to the bada operating system comes in the form of the Wave S8500, and it has just hit a new milestone in the European market, having moved more than 1 million units worth in terms of sales – this coming after hitting the European continent four months ago. What could have spurred the S8500’s sales? Perhaps people see the bang for their buck (Euro, […]

Vodafone UK To Offer The Samsung Wave On June 1st
Folks over in the UK will be getting their first Samsung device that is powered by the company’s Bada OS. We’re talking about the Samsung Wave that will be offered by Vodafone come June 1st. It’s currently up for pre-order on Vodafone’s site and will be yours for free if you agree to go for the carrier’s £25/month two-year contract that comes with 300 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB […]

Samsung Wave -- Hands On
[Mobile World Congress 2010] Samsung has just announced the Samsung Wave, and I was fortunate to get my hands on it for a short time – not long enough to provide anything remotely close to a review, but sufficiently to write a “first impressions” post. The device is solidly built and the crown’s jewel is the new AMOLED display (call it AMOLED 2 if you want), which is better than […]