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The Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone Is Now Official
So we have been hearing a bit about the Samsung Z2, another Tizen smartphone by the South Korean tech giant. Following yesterday’s alleged official renders, it looks like we will no longer need to speculate and look at rumors because Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Z2.

Alleged Official Samsung Z2 Renderings Leaked
It is no secret that Samsung is working on a new Tizen handset called the Samsung Z2. Just the other day a video surfaced which more or less gave away some of the phone’s features, but now thanks to renderings obtained and published by Dutch website (via SamMobile), we have a better idea of what the Samsung Z2 looks like.

Samsung Z2 Video Leaves Little To The Imagination
We have been hearing a bit about Samsung’s next Tizen handset, the Samsung Z2. Just yesterday alleged specs of the phone leaked, but now it seems that we have something better: an official video that was uploaded onto YouTube, thanks to the folks at SamMobile. The video walks us through some of the phone’s specs and features.

This Is What The Samsung Z2 Could Be Packing Under Its Hood
Samsung has been having relatively good success with its Tizen range of smartphones. Granted they’re not exactly similar to the Galaxy S and Note series in terms of popularity, but as far as affordable non-Android handsets are concerned, they appear to be doing quite well. Now there have been rumors of a Samsung Z2 and thanks to SamMobile, its alleged specs have been revealed.


Samsung's New Tizen Phone May Be Launched In Additional Markets
Samsung is expected to come out with a new Tizen-powered smartphone in the second half of 2016. The company normally releases its Tizen smartphones in select markets like India and Bangladesh but a new rumor suggests that it’s going to release the upcoming handset in additional markets. Some of the markets are said to be located in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Alleged Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone Photos Surface
Early this year Samsung officially announced the Samsung Z1, making this the company’s first Tizen smartphone ever which is saying something as this has been in the works for quite some time. Oddly enough it seems that Samsung could already be working on a successor according to the rumors.Now thanks to the folks at Tizen Experts, they claim to have gotten their hands on what appears to be the successor […]