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Samsung Z3 Has Been Officially Launched
The Samsung Z3 Tizen smartphone is a device that we have been hearing about for a while ever since its alleged specs got leaked back in July. The handset was even spotted at the FCC along with photos of the device that leaked shortly after. Now if you are curious about the next Tizen smartphone, wonder no more.Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Z3. This is actually the second Tizen […]

Tizen-based Samsung Z3 With LTE Stops By The FCC
Earlier this month it would seem that the Samsung Z3 Tizen handset made its way to the FCC. Now according to a more recent FCC sighting, it looks like we could be graced with another Samsung Z3 variant, this time in the form of the SM-Z300F which is supposedly the 4G LTE model of the Samsung Z3.The handset has recently made its way through the FCC meaning that if and […]

New Samsung Z3 Tizen Handset Photo Spotted
When will Samsung announce their next-gen Tizen handset the Samsung Z3? Unfortunately at the moment that’s anyone’s guess. However thanks to a newly leaked photo courtesy of, we now have a different angle of the phone to look at. From what we can tell, it lines up nicely with what we saw a couple of weeks ago.According to the reports, the Samsung Z3 has already entered production where it […]

Alleged Tizen-Powered Samsung Z3 Arrives At The FCC
The Tizen platform is not exactly all that popular, but this does not mean that it has no clout whatsoever. After all, as of June this year, it has been recorded that there are more than a million Samsung Z1s in the market sold, and every single one of the Samsung Z1 handsets run on the Tizen OS. It is a mild success, so to speak, and here we are […]


Samsung Z3 Tizen Smartphone Might Not Launch Stateside
If you were hoping that maybe, just maybe that this time around you might get to see a Samsung Tizen smartphone launch stateside, you could be disappointed. According to the folks at SamMobile, it seems that this won’t be the case as the upcoming Samsung Z3 is said to be launched in countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.That being said, it isn’t surprising to learn that Samsung has chosen […]

Samsung Z3 Could Be Announced At Tizen Developer Summit
Given the success Samsung has found with the Samsung Z1 Tizen handset, especially amongst emerging markets, we suppose it makes sense that the South Korean tech giant has plans to release a new Tizen phone. Last we heard this particular phone is dubbed the Samsung Z3 but the question is, when will it be released?Well as it turns out the phone could very well be announced later this month. The […]

Alleged Samsung Z3 Specs Leaked
Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone was the Samsung Z1. It was assumed that the Samsung Z2 would be its successor, but apparently there is a Samsung Z3 in the works, and thanks to the folks at SamMobile, they have gotten their hands on some of the alleged specs of the upcoming device.Starting with its display, word on the street has it that the Samsung Z3 could pack a 5-inch HD Super […]