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Sanwa USB Muffler For Those Cold, Winter Days
For those of us who happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bitter chill and cold of winter will soon be upon us. That is nice, since it would remind us that the holiday season is coming, and that would mean a time to take a break from the usual work and accompanying stress. However, there is also the cold that one would have to contend with, and this […]

Sanwa micro projector for the iPhone 4/4S
The iPhone 4 and its successor the iPhone 4S, has proved to be formidable multimedia machines in terms of keeping you entertained through music, videos, movies and games. Well, you might want to share what you are watching with people around you the next time around using the Sanwa 400-PRJ011 micro projector. Compatible with both the iPhone 4S and its predecessor, this DLP micro projector will slip onto the Apple […]

Sanwa unveils SKB-BT14 Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard
Looking for one of those foldable Bluetooth keyboards that you can take with you on your travels? If you are, the good news is that Sanwa may have what you need in the form of the SKB-BT14 Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard. Unfortunately it still uses Bluetooth 2.0 as opposed to Bluetooth 3.0, but we guess if you plan to use it for short periods of time, the difference in power consumption […]

Sanwa gives your iPad a stand and speakers
Sanwa has just released a new stand for the iPad that aims to turn it into a laptop. Designed by KEYDEX, the 400-SP014 is a stand that features a cylindrical external speaker (covered in non-slip silicone) that is used to amplify the sounds coming out of your iPad and also for you to prop up your iPad against. There is also a tray for you to place your iPad keyboard […]


An ostrich leather bound game control – now I’ve seen everything
Want a joystick that is classy while at the same time not oozing with any bling or diamonds? Introducing the Hoon Entertainment System from Neo Legend and Hoon. This arcade-style game controller comes with a joystick and 10 buttons for your gaming needs. Compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, this joypad should be good enough for your arcade style games (though it would be interesting to play […]

Sanwa iPhone and iPad HDMI adapter
Thinking of another way aside from AirPlay and Apple TV to get your videos from your iPhone/iPad into the TV? The folks over at Sanwa are now offering an adapter that allows you to hook up your device to the HDTV via an HDMI cable, allowing you to easily watch all your videos on the TV in its 720p glory. It’s a bit on the expensive side though; since it […]

Sanwa goes against the grain with own multitouch mouse
According to Akihabaranews, Sanwa has rolled out a peripheral that comes in the form of a multitouch mouse, but it will not play nice with Apple’s computers, working on the PC platform instead. While it does offer a multitouch surface on top, the MA-TOUCH1 as it is called will not be connected to your computer via Bluetooth, but rather “talk” over a wireless radio frequency instead. Features include four-direction scrolling […]