sanwa-usb-mufflerFor those of us who happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bitter chill and cold of winter will soon be upon us. That is nice, since it would remind us that the holiday season is coming, and that would mean a time to take a break from the usual work and accompanying stress. However, there is also the cold that one would have to contend with, and this is where something like the Sanwa USB Muffler would come in handy. It will be different from the standard issue synthetic scarf, as the Sanwa USB Muffler (as you can tell by its name) would arrive with a bunch of extra features.

For starters, both ends will feature hand warmer pockets so that your hands will not be subject to the chills on the outside, but will be kept warm along the way. Of course, it goes without saying that in all probability, the main selling point of this particular muffler would be the ability to heat up so that you will be able to enjoy a fair amount of warmth when you are beside your computer. Basically, the heating element has been rated to warm to 37ºC before the thermostat cuts power, and it will not resume its power until it has cooled down to 32ºC. Available in Japan only at this point in time, the Sanwa USB Muffler will retail for $14.

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