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Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker
Satechi today announced the release of a new speaker which is called the new Audio Cube Blutooth Speaker. The literal cube features a unique and portable design, delivers 2×2 watts audio with built-in Bluetooth 2.0, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and a rechargeable battery. The speaker is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth enabled including an iPhone 4S, any Android phones, new iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, MacBook Pro and […]

Satechi 12-Port USB Hub ships
When we talk about a USB hub, most of us are looking at 4-ports on average, but just in case you happen to live in a home that has more than just a quartet of USB-based devices which are required to be plugged in most of the time, then surely your average USB hub will not do. Satechi’s 12-Port USB Hub will fit the bill nicely then, where this ultra […]

Satechi Camera Holder & Mount released
Satechi announced that their new Camera Holder & Mount is now available for purchase, where you will be able to bring home this puppy for just $27.99 a pop. This unique peripheral will come in handy to secure a slew of devices, ranging from a DSLR to point-and-shoot digital cameras, pocket camcorders as well as larger sized video cameras. It will target those who tend to be on the move […]

Satechi Cup Holder Mount is useful
Looking for a phone/tablet holder in your car, but dislike having to stick stuff onto your windshield? How about making use of the cup holder in your car instead? Introducing Satechi’s SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount for smartphones and tablets. Designed to hold any smartphone or 7-10″ tablet, the SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount provides a non-obtrusive solution for safer hands-free calling and navigation in your car.


Satechi Audio Move SD portable speaker now available
Satechi, a mobile accessories manufacturer, has announced the availability of its brand new portable speaker – the Audio Move SD. It features a 2-speaker configuration for stereo and a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it compatible with pretty much any portable music player, smartphone, tablet, and notebook. If your music player happens to be out of juice, the Audio Move SD has a microSD card slot which accepts cards of […]

Satechi Soundfly View is now available
If you own a smartphone but don’t have a very smart car or in car stereo and wish that you had a way to make them work together, Satechi has the solution for you. Called the Satechi Soundfly View, this gadget consists of a Bluetooth FM transmitter and a 2″ LCD display which plugs into the cigarette lighter slot of your car to stay powered.

Satechi BT Portable Speaker now available
Looking for a set of portable speakers to bring with you on the go? Satechi has unveiled their new BT Portable Speaker that will pair with pretty much any Bluetooth enabled device. This ranges from smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Weighing in at 3.3 ounces, the BT Portable Speaker relies on Satechi’s Bass Expansion System technology which the company claims will help amplify dynamic audio range.The speakers are powered by […]

Satechi INSP3 Wi-Fi Radio
Here’s a Wi-Fi radio that looks pretty weird, no thanks to its barrel shape. Known as the Satechi INSP3 Wi-fi radio, it is able to stream music from your favorite online station through any UPnP network device, where you can choose from Wi-Fi b/g or Ethernet connectivity. It works even without having a PC or Mac turned on, churning out audio via its two 8W stereo speakers. Alternatively, you can […]