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Satechi’s New Wireless Power Bank Can Charge Your Apple Watch Too
Power banks aren’t new, but they are bulky enough as it is without having to deal with additional cables. These days, we’re starting to see more power banks come with the ability to wirelessly charge devices, and if you’re after something similar, Satechi’s new Quatro Wireless Power Bank could be for you.

Satechi Unveils New USB-C Travel Chargers
#CES2019 – These days as we’re starting to see more companies start to adopt USB-C for their devices, it means that we will need more USB chargers. Now if you’d rather not deal with having to bring multiple chargers with you on the go, Satechi might have something for you that they recently announced at CES 2019.

Satechi Introduces USB-C Hub, Fills In All The Gaps
Computers like the 12-inch Retina MacBook and the Google Chrome Pixel 2 are examples of what future laptops could look like, at least as far as the ports are concerned. Both computers feature USB-C ports, although in the case of the MacBook, it only features one USB-C port and that’s it.This means that you will find yourself constantly having to swap out gadgets, like connecting an external hard drive means […]

Satechi Wireless Gamepad Perfect For Mobile Gaming
Mobile gaming has definitely caught on in a big way these days, taking into consideration just how powerful these modern day smartphones and tablets have become. The thing is, the touchscreen interface is ideal for certain kinds of games, but it is not good enough when it comes to the likes of shoot ‘em ups and beat ‘em ups. Those would require an old school joystick for the most precise […]


Satechi Aluminum Power Strip Offers Plenty Of Power Options
The modern day tech lover would definitely have a number of portable devices that he or she brings around, and this would also mean making sure that all of these portable devices will need to be charged up from time to time, where the smartphone and the tablet (and soon, the smartwatch as it picks up in popularity) tend to be the most frequently charged devices. However, you might actually […]

Satechi Launches Dedicated Cortana Bluetooth Button
Last month we revealed that Toshiba would be adding a nifty feature to its laptops in the form of a dedicated physical button that would launch Cortana. Sounds like a pretty awesome idea, doesn’t it? Turns out that accessory maker Satechi has a similar idea as well and has recently launched their own dedicated Bluetooth button.Unlike Toshiba’s option which we can only assume is built into the laptop itself, Satechi’s […]

Satechi's Touch USB LED Lamp Illuminates Your Empty Bottles
As I sit here at my desk, I see there are currently four empty bottles just sitting there, doing nothing to better themselves for the sake of our society. But if I had $25 to burn, I could magically turn these empty bottles into USB-powered LED lamps.Satechi has a new product called the Touch USB LED Lamp and what it does is basically what I described a moment ago. It […]

Satechi Multifunction Mini Router Extends Your Wi-Fi Range
Some of us do happen to live in a “black hole” when it comes to wireless signals – certain corners of the home just seem to be unable to receive any Wi-Fi signal of any kind, and when you take a look at your smartphone’s LTE signal, it drops to zero bars suddenly when entering the “zone”. Well, good thing there are devices out there to help you out in […]

Satechi Audio Cube Is New And Improved
I don’t know about you, but most of the time that I see a cube, I would think of the Borg collective. Yes, those unfeeling cybernetic lifeforms whose trademark phrase would be, “Resistance is futile.” Well, this time around, the cube that we are looking at would be the Satechi Audio Cube that has gone through a fair number of changes over the generations, resulting in one of the best […]

Satechi's Universal Remote will give your iPhone universal remote capabilities
Have you ever wished your iPhone could double as a universal remote control for all your gadgets that rely on infrared sensors, such as TVs and DVRs? Well the good news is that now you can as Satechi has announced a Universal Remote dongle. It’s basically a small accessory (pictured above) that attaches to the headphone jack of your iOS device, and together with a dedicated app, it should in […]

Satechi uCharger Now Available
Satechi has just announced that the uCharger, a USB charging adapter is now available to the masses. Just what makes this compact device so handy to carry around? For starters, the uCharger will boast of a trio of modes that you can take advantage of depending on the device, and another plus point of the uCharger is its ability to juice up USB-based devices up to 4 times faster. You […]

Satechi Slim Surge Protector comes with 5 protected power outlets
There are some gadgets that we think of as an excess purchase, but only when something bad befalls us like a lightning strike on the home that fries our modem, only then do we take note of gadgets that originally fell under the “excess purchase” category. Can you say the same of the Satechi Slim Surge Protector? This particular surge protector comes with 2.1 Amps of juice as well as […]

Satechi Portable Energy Station now available
With the plethora of modern devices that you own these days, it can be quite the challenge to ensure that all of them are juiced up to the maximum right before you leave home with them in your jacket pocket and bag. However, there are moments when you suffer from a lapse of concentration, and this is where the $49.99 Satechi Portable Energy Station comes in handy. This powerful 10,000 […]

Satechi BT Media Remote announced
Satechi has just announced its BT Media Remote, where this wireless Bluetooth HID remote will enable users to control just about any iOS Bluetooth Device whenever it remains connected to a TV, dock station or car stereo. Another thing that makes the BT Media Remote convenient would be its ability to function as the ultimate multimedia companion for the iPhone or iPad. To describe it further, the BT Media Remote […]

Satechi unveils Divoom iBase Dock Station for iOS devices
iOS users if you’re looking for a compact charging dock that will charge a variety of iOS devices, i.e. iPod touch, iPhone and/or iPad, you’re in luck as Satechi has just announced the Divoom iBase Dock Station. It will be compatible with a variety of iOS devices and apart from its ability to charge your device, it will also pull double duty by acting as a portable speaker. Featuring four […]

Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker
Satechi today announced the release of a new speaker which is called the new Audio Cube Blutooth Speaker. The literal cube features a unique and portable design, delivers 2×2 watts audio with built-in Bluetooth 2.0, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and a rechargeable battery. The speaker is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth enabled including an iPhone 4S, any Android phones, new iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, MacBook Pro and […]

Satechi 12-Port USB Hub ships
When we talk about a USB hub, most of us are looking at 4-ports on average, but just in case you happen to live in a home that has more than just a quartet of USB-based devices which are required to be plugged in most of the time, then surely your average USB hub will not do. Satechi’s 12-Port USB Hub will fit the bill nicely then, where this ultra […]

Satechi Camera Holder & Mount released
Satechi announced that their new Camera Holder & Mount is now available for purchase, where you will be able to bring home this puppy for just $27.99 a pop. This unique peripheral will come in handy to secure a slew of devices, ranging from a DSLR to point-and-shoot digital cameras, pocket camcorders as well as larger sized video cameras. It will target those who tend to be on the move […]

Satechi Cup Holder Mount is useful
Looking for a phone/tablet holder in your car, but dislike having to stick stuff onto your windshield? How about making use of the cup holder in your car instead? Introducing Satechi’s SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount for smartphones and tablets. Designed to hold any smartphone or 7-10″ tablet, the SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount provides a non-obtrusive solution for safer hands-free calling and navigation in your car.

Satechi Audio Move SD portable speaker now available
Satechi, a mobile accessories manufacturer, has announced the availability of its brand new portable speaker – the Audio Move SD. It features a 2-speaker configuration for stereo and a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it compatible with pretty much any portable music player, smartphone, tablet, and notebook. If your music player happens to be out of juice, the Audio Move SD has a microSD card slot which accepts cards of […]