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How To Video Record Android Screens (Easy)
Video-recording your Android screen might sound like an easy task, but it is actually quite to do, without the proper know-how. Unlike Windows, Android doesn’t really makes it easier for the developers to just create a feature-rich android screen recording app.Screen recording apps available on the Google Play Store mostly require you to root your phone, and most of them are paid apps. Even if you do find a free app, it […]

AOC launches 23" Aire Pro IPS monitor
Looking for a new monitor? If you are, AOC has just launched their ultra-slim Aire Pro monitor which is a monitor you may want to take a look at. AOC is boasting that the Aire Pro will feature one of the world’s slimmest display panels, and will feature a sleek brushed aluminum finish which gives it a somewhat elegant look.

Fujitsu shows off next generation color e-Paper Module
The days of eReaders mainly being in black and white are coming to an end. Manufacturers are trying to inject color into readers that work well in full color and in difficult lighting conditions. It looks like Fujitsu are next up to the plate with the unveiling of its latest color e-Paper Module. Designed to be used in eReaders, the color e-Paper Module uses Cholesteric LCD technology instead of traditional […]

Mac Screen Rotate turns your MacBook Air into an eReader
Ever thought about using your MacBook Air flipped 90-degrees like it were an open book? Well now you can. A developer named Nathan Stevens has come up with an app for the MacBook Air called the Mac Screen Rotate. It is a simple app that allows you to rotate the orientation of your MacBook’s display, which allows you to hold the device like you were reading a magazine of a […]


Bookeen shows off real-time scrolling and web browsing on E-Ink screens
Bookeen, a company that’s been known for making HD videos play on E-Ink screens has recently unveiled a new trick that it’s managed to pull off: real-time web browsing and scrolling. They recently released a video clip showing off the feature and it looks pretty sweet. What’s impressive about it is that it can be done on hardware that’s already available on the market – it’s just customized software.No word […]

Apple patent could give the iPhone and iPad a display with a private mode toggle
If you’re one of the many people who get annoyed at people staring at what you do when you’re using your iPhone or iPad in public places, this recently discovered Apple patent will bring a smile to your face. In the patent, Apple describes a technology that would place a “scattering module” behind the screen of a mobile device and wedge-like liquid crystal elements in the screen itself that steer […]

Crunchy Logistics brings the first multi-touch bar to the US
Crunchy Logistics has recently uploaded a video demonstrating the first ever multi-touch bar table in the US. Called the mtBAR, this 28′ long bar table is actually one giant touchscreen that supports an unlimited number of touch points. A table that will definitely spice up the interior of any pub, it lets users generate fancy effects whenever they touch the table or slide their hands over it. It can detect […]

Toshiba dynabook T551/D8B is a 3D-enhanced laptop
While I’m convinced that 3D is here to stay and it’s not for everyone. I’m still bothered by the fact that we need special glasses to view 3D content.  But until 3D screens that don’t require glasses become common and affordable – cumbersome 3D glasses will remain, but I digress. Today Toshiba has just announced a new 3D-enabled laptop called the dynabook T551/D8B. Targeted at the gaming crowd, this high-end […]

Sony CLM-V55 is a portable HDMI screen for your DSLR
If you like to record videos using your DSLR, you might find that the screens on your DSLR (if they can even display the video you are shooting) aren’t big or clear enough for proper usage. Sony has come up with a solution to the problem – the CLM-V55 is a large portable HDMI screen that you can easily attach to your camera (it takes the place of your flash […]

Samsung Super PLS LCD Display to Succeed IPS Displays
Samsung is now showcasing its new Super Plan to Line Switching (PLS) displays, which the company is saying will replace IPS displays in the future. Samsung claims that the Super PLS displays have a 100 percent improvement in viewing angles compared to IPS, which has become popularized in Apple’s iPad, and also offers a 10 percent increase in brightness. Compared side by side with an IPS display, you can really […]

3D Comes to iPad Without Special Glasses, Screens
For iPad owners who are jealous of other tablets and phones with special 3D screens that come with or without special glasses, Grilli is hoping to appease the 3D consumption appetite for iOS owners with a special screen overlay that aims to deliver a similar 3D viewing experience sans special glasses. The overlay would be applied on top of the iPad’s glass display, and will transform the iPad’s display into […]

The Panel, Portable 13-inch LED Monitor by MEDL
[DEMO Spring 2010] MEDL Technology has announced a prototype called “The Panel”, touted to be the world’s first portable 13″ LED monitor. The 2.2 lbs device is targeted to the telecommuters and the “road warriors” who want to add more screen real estate to enhance their productivity. Features include USB connectivity, WXGA resolution (1280 x 800), up to 5 hours battery life, read the complete features after the jump. I am a conference […]