mtBARCrunchy Logistics has recently uploaded a video demonstrating the first ever multi-touch bar table in the US. Called the mtBAR, this 28′ long bar table is actually one giant touchscreen that supports an unlimited number of touch points. A table that will definitely spice up the interior of any pub, it lets users generate fancy effects whenever they touch the table or slide their hands over it. It can detect all sorts of objects like apples and even glasses, so the next time you want a Flaming Lamborghini, you can be sure it’ll be spectacular. No word on which bars will be packing this fancy table in the future, but you can expect it to be one of the classier places around town since it looks far from cheap. Hit the break to watch a video of the mtBAR in action, and another multi-touch bar in Europe called the iBar that came out a few years ago:

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