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Bing The Only Search Option On Windows Phone 7
This might not go down well with many folks, but word is out that Microsoft’s Bing will be the only default search engine on Windows Phone 7 devices. The reason behind it is apparently that the search engine is heavily integrated into the OS, which makes it hard to offer an alternative, with an example of the “Tell me” feature being cited. Said feature allows users to press a button and […]

Yahoo Checking Out Search By SMS Feature
Search by SMS never really took off, but by referring to a patent that was recently filed by Yahoo, the company seems like it wants to take a crack at the challenge. In the patent, it’s mentioned that users will be able to use the system by sending a search query as a text message to a predetermined number, after which the search query is processed, and the results delivered, […]

Bing Goes Mobile
Microsoft recently unveiled its Bing search engine in another effort to overcome the massive market that Google has cornered, and this time round they have also brought the fight to the mobile platform by introducing Bing Mobile that can be enjoyed across a range of mobile devices. So far initial impressions are pretty positive, touting this to be a clean engine. Why not take your portable device’s browser and point […]

D7: Steve Ballmer Announces New Microsoft Search Engine "Bing"
There has been ongoing rumors last week regarding the Microsoft revamped search engine launch, internally code named Kumo. Today at D7, Steve Ballmer revealed its official name: Bing, joking that they should have named it “Boom”… Well, we still have to see if the performance measure up to such “enthusiastic” branding. Additionally a bunch of new Microsoft services are getting “Binged”: Bing Travel, Bing Cashback and Bing Maps for Enterprise. […]