How To Change Your Default Search Engine (Major Browsers)

There are many Search engines from which you can choose from. However, there is a chance you might have ended up changing your default search engine by mistake. Furthermore, some notorious search engines just don’t want to play straight and try to get in via other means such as installation wizards (we are looking at you Ask Search).If your beloved search engine also got replaced by any other search engine or […]

Sherpa Next Makes Mobile Search Efficient, Easy, and Visual

 We published about when it launched its US version last year, and at that time, we saw a side by side demo with Siri in which Sherpa got better results. (Watch video in the previous article).Today the company launched its new software, Sherpa Next, which adds search and predictive capabilities to the smart personal assistant feature that its one million users already know.With Sherpa Next, CEO Xabier Uribe-Etxberria wants […]

‘Sputnik’ State Controlled Search Engine Reportedly Being Developed In Russia

Rumor has it that Russia is developing a new search engine called Sputnik which intends to dominate the Russian market. Since the search engine is said to be state controlled, the government will essentially be able to control the kind of information it wants people to have access to. Apparently state owned telecommunications group Rostelecom is developing Sputnik, which has been named after the Sputnik satellite. The report comes from Russia’s […]

Bing Home Page Image Chosen To Keep Users Happy

Google had long occupied the top of the search engine hierarchy for some years already, when Microsoft decided to spruce up their search efforts by launching the Bing website four years back, and one thing that certainly made Bing stand out from Google’s site would be its front page that featured beautiful as well as different photographs every single day, and there are also moments when the front page uploads […]


Google Testing New Navigation Grid To Replace Black Bar Eyesore

If you’ve navigated your way to the majority of Google-owned properties like Gmail, Google Drive or just, then you’ve probably noticed the black navigation bar that is prominently displayed at the top of the page. Considering how visually appealing the majority of Google’s properties are, their black navigation bar has been an eyesore since it was introduced two years ago.Google is reportedly testing a new version of its […]

Bing New Architecture: Introducing Snapshot and Social Sidebar

This morning, we were at a press conference at Microsoft’s offices in San Francisco to see a demo of the revamped Bing search engine.  Touted as a “new approach to search” by Microsoft, the new architecture features a three columns design, dividing the search activity in 3 distinct areas: Core Web Results, Snapshot and Sidebar (see picture in the complete article – or watch the demo).On the left, Core Web […]

Appgravity: an alternative way to look for Android apps

While the Android Market website is a good way to check out apps, its search capabilities are pretty limited (despite being created by Google). It’s quite hard to find what you want unless you know exactly what it is. Well, some folks have decided to come up with a solution to the problem by creating a new search engine called Appgravity.

Google search offers pinnable tile on Windows Phone devices

Just because you use Windows Phone 7.5 does not mean that you have to love Microsoft’s Bing as your default browser. Similarly just because you own an Android phone does not mean that your preferred search engine must be Google, but now Google is offering the chance to Windows Phone 7.5 users to start using their own search engine in place of Bing.

Google develops job search engine for the US military

Our men (and women) in uniform would definitely be proud to know that the military is one of the most advanced in the world – not to mention boasting some of the deadliest weapons in their armory, but in this time of economic crisis, you never quite know when you might be out of a job. Well, fret not – Internet search giant Google has successfully developed a job search […]

StumbleUpon helps man propose to girlfriend

It’s not very often you see big websites take time out of their day to help one of their users out in such a personal way, but it appears that discovery engine, StumbleUpon, has done that for one of their users by helping him to propose to his girlfriend of many years.

Bing Deskbar prototype brings more to the search fight

Ever since Google emerged as the search engine king all those years ago, they never really looked back, growing from strength to strength that at times, seemed unbelievable and phenomenal. Well, Microsoft has certainly not thrown in the towel just yet, as they know there is still the war to be won no matter how bad the odds are against them at the moment. Microsoft has a new Bing prototype […]

SearchLion makes use of the empty space on the side of your display

If you’ve got a large monitor and wish you could make use of it more efficiently when you’re browsing search results you now can; thanks to the folks at SearchLion. The company has officially launched SearchLion: a search engine that’s touted as the world’s first search browser. Confused yet? Don’t be.Don’t you just hate browsing tons of websites looking for something and yielding nothing fruitful in the end? SearchLion might […]

Google To Discontinue Their “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button?

When Google first made its appearance on the web, what separated it from the other search engines was their “I’m Feeling Lucky” button which was designed to provide a more efficient way of searching for things by bringing them to the website most relevant to their search results, as opposed to users having to sift their way through pages of search results trying to find what they’re looking for. The […]

Unofficial Google Multilingual Voice Search launched

For those of you who wished that the voice input from Google Translate was available in Google’s regular search as well, you’re in luck. Some folks have decided to come up with their own front page for the Google search engine called Google Multilingual Voice Search.All users have to do is select the language that they want to speak in, click on the microphone icon, speak aloud what they’re looking […]