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Cadillac Might Have Solved A Self-Driving Car Problem WIth A Camera
When Tesla introduced Autopilot to its car, they made it pretty clear that Autopilot is not a self-driving feature. In fact to ensure that drivers kept their hands on the wheel, they made it so that the feature would not work unless drivers kept their hands on the wheel, otherwise they’d keep getting prompted.

Faraday Future Also Working On A Self-Driving Car
Quite a few companies are working on self-driving or autonomous cars so it’s not surprising to find out that Chinese electric car maker Faraday Future has said that it’s also creating a self-driving car of its own. Faraday Future unveiled its first electric concept car – the FFZERO1 – at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, but it’s unclear as yet when it’s going to actually put a […]

Google Wants To Wirelessly Charge Their Self-Driving Cars
Google’s experiment with their self-driving car has certainly come a long way from being made legal in California a few years back, and it seems that the tech giant wants their autonomous vehicles (which have already been tested in Kirkland and Austin) to live an untethered life, too, as there are plans to include wireless charging capability for their self-driving vehicles. IEEE Spectrum has apparently stumbled upon not one, but […]

Tesla Issues 'Correction' About Profile On GeoHot's Self-Driving Car
Bloomberg recently ran a profile on George Hotz, a.k.a GeoHot, better known as the first man to jailbreak an iPhone and also get in hot soup for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. Nevertheless he’s hailed as a brilliant hacker and the profile shed light on a new project that he’s working on: a self-driving car, on his own. Tesla was mentioned in that piece a couple of times and that’s why today […]


Baidu’s Self-Driving Car Completes Full Driverless Test
It is no secret that self-driving cars are something that companies such as Google are working on, and for the most part it almost looks like Western companies are the only ones who have attempted such vehicles. However as you might recall, China’s Baidu expressed similar interest of their own last year.Recently it would also seem that the company has been successfully testing their vehicles because according to the latest […]

Ford CEO Expects Fully Autonomous Cars On Roads In Four Years
There are a lot of companies working to make it possible for us to basically sit in the back seat while our cars drive themselves to wherever it is we want to go. Fully autonomous cars haven’t hit the roads just yet but companies like Tesla have added semi-autonomous features to their cars and that signals what direction the auto industry is going to take in the near future. Ford […]

Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over By Police
It was just yesterday that we saw how Google’s self-driving cars have received a brand new look. However, what is more important at the end of the day would be the substance underneath the looks that matters a whole lot more – as long as the self-driving car gets the passenger from point A to point B safe and sound, and on time, then it is a winner. However, the […]

Toyota Will Spend A Billion Dollars For Research On Self-Driving Technologies
Tech companies have played an important role in highlighting the potential of self-driving car technologies. It’s no secret that Google has been working hard to make this a reality, other companies like Tesla and even Apple are making the same efforts. This has been enough to make conventional car manufacturers jump on the bandwagon as well, many are promising to deliver some form of autonomous driving in their cars by the […]

Tesla's Self-Driving Features Are Making Some People Careless On The Road
You might have heard recently that Tesla rolled out a software update for its Model S which brought new self-driving features to the car, the features are collectively called the Autopilot mode, and it adds things like automatic lane changing, radar-based cruise control and much more. The car can basically drive itself where you’d normally have cruise control switched on, but since the features essentially allow hands-free driving, some people are […]

Tesla Autopilot Features Arrive In Software Update Next Week
It has been confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk via Twitter that his car company is going to release software version 7.0 for its Model S that’s going to bring the much awaited Autopilot features. Tesla first announced these features a couple of months back and this software was beta tested with nearly 700 drivers across the United States and Europe. Now that the beta testing period is over Tesla has […]

Self-Driving Mercedes Truck Tested On Germany's Autobahn
Car makers and technology companies are both dreaming of a future where self-driving cars are normal, you’ve got companies like Google working on such projects whereas conventional car makers are also in the game. The Daimler group, best known through its Mercedes-Benz brand, previously showed off its self-driving big rig truck but now it has tested one out on an actual public road, Autobahn 8 in Germany to be precise.

Google Might Want To Monetize Self-Driving Car Project With New Hire
We have heard that Google is on the lookout to increase its production of self-driving cars, and with that in tow, it makes perfect sense to hear if the company would also like to see their efforts being monetized. In fact, Google has hired automotive veteran John Krafcik as CEO of its self-driving car project not too long ago, and this is definitely one of the more crystal clear signs […]

Honda's Self Driving Cars Approved For Testing On California Roads
Given that many tech companies and conventional car makers are working on self driving cars it’s only a matter of time before you stop paying attention to the road when going to work in the morning, the car will take care of everything on its own. Google’s self driving cars have already logging over 1.8 million miles on public roads and are going to be tested in Austin, Texas now. On […]

Google May Increase Production Of Self-Driving Cars
Not too long ago Google confirmed that its self-driving cars will be taking to the streets in Austin, Texas, this is going to be the first time that the company’s autonomous cars are going to go outside California. Google has hinted at plans for building many more prototypes of its self-driving cars and eventually even move towards mass production. Google introduced its self-driving car last year and said that it aims to […]

Tesla Begins Testing Autopilot Features With Select Model S Drivers
Tesla is just one of the many companies interested in developing self-driving cars, the company certainly wants to lead the pack in this endeavor which is why it has started testing some of its autopilot features with select Model S drivers. The company recently detailed some semi-autonomous features that will be make their way to its cars before fully autonomous features can arrive after clearing regulatory hurdles, but that might not […]

Self-Driving Car Project Titan Edges Closer To Reality
Self-driving cars do seem to be the next big thing, and even the folks over at Apple have the intention to put one on the road, too. Documents spotted by The Guardian point to Apple’s upcoming self-driving car effort being known as Project Titan. Apparently, Apple’s engineers did have a pow-wow with officials from GoMentum Station, where the latter happens to be a naval base in the past that is […]

Google Self-Driving Cars Now Being Tested In Austin, Texas
Google started working on self-driving cars a long time back and as more and more traditional car makers decide they want a piece of the pie too, the Mountain View company keeps its head down and continues with its work. Google has been testing its technology with retrofitted Lexus SUVs but it has also developed prototypes of its own self-driving car. The Lexus SUVs from Google have up till now been tested […]

Self-Driving Cadillac CTS Will Hit Roads In 2017
As car manufacturers and even software companies work on self-driving cars, General Motors doesn’t want to be left out of the fray. At the Intelligent Transport System World Congress in Detroit GM CEO Mary Barra revealed that a fully self-driving Cadillac CTS Sedan will hit roads in 2017. ‘We are not doing this for the sake of the technology. We are doing it because it is what customers around the world […]

Close Shave For Self-Driving Cars
We are fast moving into an automated society. In fact, we have many things that have already been automated, including lights and music, and the possibility of having a self-driving car is an enticing one. After all, how many of us would love to sit back and relax the ride home – even in the midst of traffic, when it is not you at the wheel? Those with means would […]

Google Is Testing Self Driving Cars On Public Roads Of California
Google’s Self Driving cars are on loose on public roads of California, although they are just being tested for good and not to race with the human drivers. Google has set the top speed limit to 25 mph as the company is of the view that the car is “neighborhood friendly”.