There are a lot of companies working to make it possible for us to basically sit in the back seat while our cars drive themselves to wherever it is we want to go. Fully autonomous cars haven’t hit the roads just yet but companies like Tesla have added semi-autonomous features to their cars and that signals what direction the auto industry is going to take in the near future. Ford is one of the companies that’s working on self-driving cars and its CEO believes that fully autonomous cars may hit the roads in the United States within four years from now.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said that his company should be able to have fully autonomous cars out on roads where high-definition maps are available, however a key hurdle has to be cleared first, until legal and regulatory issues are sorted out self-driving cars can not be truly unleashed.

Some would argue that this timeframe is not correct as many believe fully autonomous cars may only really get some space on the roads after 2020. Perhaps the fact that Ford has built an entire fake city to test its autonomous driving technologies will go a long way in making sure that its autonomous cars are ready well before that.

Ford is certainly not shying away of embracing technologies that will make its vehicles much more appealing to the tech savvy, just yesterday it announced Sync Connect, an app based service that adds smart features like GPS location, remote engine start and more eventually to its entire line of vehicles.

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