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Qualcomm Snapdragon 888: Everything You Need To Know
On the second day of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, we finally had a “deep dive” Keynote that exposes many more details about the new Snapdragon 888 platform architecture that features several “first” in key industry areas.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Officially Launched
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit 2020 has kicked off this morning, and the company’s 2021 flagship platform, Snapdragon 888, officially exists. It is the chip that will power most high-end Android phones next year, and its architecture will indeed echo in the PC industry as well.

NVIDIA Reaches Computing Superpower StatusEditor's Pick
It’s official: NVIDIA will acquire ARM from Softbank for $40B in a stock and cash deal that is the largest semiconductor deal I’ve heard of in that industry.

HiSilicon Kirin 990: A 5G Powerhouse
HiSilicon has launched its new high-end mobile processor (or SoC) known as the Kirin 990 at IFA in Berlin.


GlobalFoundries Decides To Stop Working On 7nm Chip Process
GlobalFoundries, an established player in the foundry business, has surprised industry watchers by announcing that it’s ceasing all development of its 7nm chip production process. While the industry is increasingly looking to the few players working on this next generation process technology to start rolling out chips based on it, GlobalFoundries has decided that it’s not going to make 7nm chips.

China Offers To Purchase More Semiconductors From The United States
As a trade war looms between the two superpowers, China has put forward a proposal to reduce the surplus by offering to purchase more semiconductors from the United States. Multiple reports have been published today suggesting that China has quietly put forward a proposal to the United States in the ongoing trade negotiations to purchase more semiconductor chips from American manufacturers.

ARM-Powered Chip Aims To Run For "Decades" On One Battery Charge
With the changing times, the use of internet in smartphones, tablets and other devices has increased by notches, due to which, the desire for low-power chips has also increased. Thanks to Atmel, which has come up with a low-power chips that can last for “a decade” on a single battery charge.

Xbox One Processor: 363 sqmm, 47MB, 200GBps
As we approach the launch of Xbox One, more official details are coming and the Hot Chips conference, John Sell (Xbox One chip architect) himself has shed new light on what the Xbox One Processor is and what it can do. First of all, he confirmed what the Xbox One design already told us: Microsoft absolutely wants to avoid a repeat of the initial overheating, crash (ring of death) and […]

Intel XMM 7160 LTE Modem To Ship This Month
Later this month, Intel is going to ship its XMM 7160 discrete LTE solution for mobile devices. With this new design, Intel will support 15 LTE bands (there are 30-40 bands, and growing), which is a good step in addressing the LTE band fragmentation that is currently causing difficulties in terms of network interoperability and worldwide compatibility for LTE devices. Unless carriers decide to use a common set of LTE […]

Intel to build 10% of all Apple A7 Processors [Rumor]?
As you may know, Samsung used to manufacture Apple’s Ax series of processors (or SoC) but given the strained relationship between the two companies, Apple has been reportedly shopping around to diversify its manufacturing capability. It’s not the first time that Intel has been mentioned as being such a potential partner, and given that it has excellent “fabs” (chip-building plants) it would make sense that Apple talks to them, although […]

NVIDIA Tegra 4i LTE Processor
NVIDIA has just announced Tegra 4i, a new member in the Tegra 4 family of mobile processors. Tegra 4i features NVIDIA’s first integrated 4G LTE modem and it has been designed for smartphones that require both high-performance and very tight chip integration. The goal is to allow handset makers to build powerful designs at a lower cost and a smaller power envelope. The Tegra 4i chip won’t be as fast […]

What Is ARM big.LITTLE?
ARM’s big.LITTLE is a processor technology that you are going to hear a lot about as Samsung, Huawei and others promote their 8 to 10 (or 12!) cores chips used in smartphones, tablets and possibly Chromebooks.There is no doubt that marketing teams will crank up the rhetoric because you know, 8 is better than 4, which is better than 2… But these chips not always X-core in the way that most […]

Audience eS515 Smart Sound Processor Launched
You may not have heard of Audience, but its sound processor may be powering your smartphone right now. With design-wins like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, RAZRi and other high-profile smartphones, Audience makes your voice sound better for those who listen to you on the phone. The company builds Voice Processors that help filter out background noise, even in relatively noisy places like busy restaurants and bars.

28nm Qualcomm Snapdragon chip will roll out from Samsung plants
We met with Dr. Paul Jacobs (Qualcomm CEO) last week at Uplinq, and he made it clear that the current shortage of 28nm Snapdragon chips was due to a very tight manufacturing capacity from its long-time partner TSMC, the world’s largest chip foundry.Dr. Paul Jacobs said that the company was working to solve this issue, but did not mention that Qualcomm would use Samsung as a secondary “fab”. UMC, another […]

NTT Docomo is hungry for chips
NTT DoCoMo, the largest wireless carrier in Japan and one of the largest in the world, has announced that it intends to partner with Samsung and others to create a companies, or a venture to build semiconductor chips. From what the company has been saying officially, it wants a stake in building system on a chips (SoC) that would include a 4G LTE modem. Of course, that would take them […]

ARM Mali-T658 10X Faster than Today's ARM Mali 400MP GPU
GPU launch season is open! NVIDIA has just revealed its Tegra 3 system on a chip (SoC), which comes equipped with a graphics processor that is theoretically 3X faster than Tegra 2. Today, ARM announces its Mali-T658 GPU, a new design that ARM says is 10X faster than today’s ARM Mali 400MP which can be found in the original Samsung Galaxy S2 Exynos chip.To give you a rough idea of […]

Intel Announces new 3D Tri-Gate transistor for 22nm processor
Intel is presenting its “3D” Tri-Gate transistor is going to enter production for the first time. The 22nm processor codenamed “Ivy Bridge”. It sounds like a marketing name, but Intel takes 3D transistors very seriously. The design has been demonstrated in 2002, so the concept is not breaking news, but it is finally entering production with a 22nm processor.