Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its microcontroller portfolio with the introduction of the PSoC Edge family, a new line of microcontrollers designed for responsive computing and control applications at the edge of the network. These MCUs are part of the PSoC portfolio, based on Arm Cortex architecture, offering high performance and low power consumption.

One of the key features of the PSoC Edge family is its hardware-assisted machine learning (ML) acceleration, which enables end products to be more intelligent and intuitive in their interactions with users. This advancement in technology enhances human-machine interactions and adds contextual awareness to various applications, all while ensuring privacy and safety through embedded Infineon Edge Protect technologies.

The PSoC Edge family enables intuitive human-machine interactions with hardware-accelerated machine learning for responsive applications.

The PSoC Edge devices are powered by high-performance Arm Cortex-M55 processors, supported by Helium DSP, Arm Ethos-U55, and Cortex-M33, along with Infineon’s proprietary NNLite hardware accelerator for neural networks. These MCUs are well-suited for “always-on” sensing and response, making them ideal for advanced IoT and industrial applications like smart homes, security, wearables, and robotics.

The family of devices offers ample on-chip memory, including non-volatile RRAM, and supports high-speed, secure external memory. This scalability allows developers to create increasingly sophisticated next-generation intelligent systems while maintaining software reuse and portability. In addition, the PSoC Edge family enhances support for advanced applications in graphics, voice, audio, and vision.

Imagimob Studio Edge AI enablement and ModusToolbox software support

Developers can leverage the PSoC Edge platform with the support of an ecosystem of partners, comprehensive documentation, and the ModusToolbox software, which includes integration with the Imagimob Studio AI solution. This accelerates time-to-market for their designs.

The ModusToolbox software platform provides development tools, libraries, and embedded runtime assets for flexible and comprehensive development across various use cases, including consumer IoT, industrial applications, smart homes, wearables, and more. Imagimob Studio, integrated into ModusToolbox, simplifies Edge AI development, making it easy to deploy machine learning models at the edge.


The PSoC Edge family is currently available for early-access customers, and more information can be found on Infineon’s website. This expansion in Infineon’s microcontroller portfolio signifies a significant step in bringing high-performance, power-efficient machine learning to edge devices, paving the way for intelligent and context-aware applications in various industries.

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