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Zoom 3.5 Video Conferencing Adds Mobile Sharing
The online meeting/video conferencing world is quite crowded, but Zoom is shaking things up by allowing meeting attendees to share their mobile screens, in addition to sharing webcam video and desktop screens. Available on iOS for now, but coming “soon” to Android, the feature works by simply using AirPlay to broadcast mobile screens (over WiFi) back to a desktop-enabled video conference.  It’s impressively simple and efficient.

Xbox One Family Sharing Feature May Return If Gamers Really Want It
A Microsoft executive has said the Xbox One's family sharing feature may return as long as gamer's really want it.

Microsoft Code Space: Kinect + Touch Displays to Share Better
Microsoft Research has come up with a very cool concept for sharing information across several mediums when working in small groups by using Kinect, touch displays, mobile devices and computers). As its name indicates, Code Space has been originally designed to help coders/developers, but it could certainly work for other people too. With Code Space, developers can easily visualize and interact with a primary touch main display during a meeting. […]

Trend Micro SafeSync Updated
Trend Micro has just introduced a new version of SafeSync, a service that lets users sync and share files from their PC to their mobile devices, or with other people. This new version of SafeSync includes a new user interface (UI) which includes a drag and drop interface to instantly sync files with other devices (think “DropBox”). This new version also brings better Mac OS support, along with Android, iOS […]


Facebook improves sharing and privacy options
After receiving a lot of flak over its image recognition service for photo tagging and the recent competition from Google+, it looks like Facebook is making some changes to the way people can share their posts, photos, and tags. Users will soon be given the ability to decide who gets to view their posts with sharing options that will be more visual and straightforward instead of being buried inside the […]

Evernote for Windows Gets Facebook, Twitter and Notebook Sharing
Today Evernote released its latest version for Windows, now users will be able to… share! The new “Quick note sharing” allows Evernoters to share their notes with friends, families, and colleagues  through email, Facebook and Twitter. It is interesting to notice that these features were not implemented sooner, since Evernote is a Silicon Valley-based company where people cannot live or breathe without sharing it on social networking sites.For the people […]

Color: the new social network that works by proximity
If you’re thinking to yourself: do we need another social network? Probably not. Do we need another photo-sharing service? Not really. Do you need a photo-sharing, social network? Well, the folks at Color seem to think so. Introducing Color: a free, proximity-based social networking photo-sharing app. Available on the iPhone and Android phones, Color doesn’t work like any other social network/photo-sharing app available, which helps it stand out from the […]

Pogoplug Aims to Boost Your Productivity
Pogoplug, the personal internet storage sharing appliance, is also used for business purposes by professionals or small businesses who need to upload/download large documents (high-resolution photos, movies…). To help these people, Pogoplug is getting an “upload via email” feature that uploads an attached file via The Pogo environment is also said to be able to have “full compatibility with every standard document format to view it inside the Pogo environment […]

Pogoplug 2 announced, looks great
Cloud Engine has shown us the next-generation Pogoplug. The multimedia sharing device uses a new beautiful industrial design that allows it to expand significantly from the first model: it is now possible to connect four USB hard drives to increase the storage capacity to several Terabytes. This great for edgy consumers, but also for independent professionals and small businesses. The software has also been improved too: Pogoplug can now automatically […]