Pogoplug Aims to Boost Your Productivity

Pogoplug, the personal internet storage sharing appliance, is also used for business purposes by professionals or small businesses who need to upload/download large documents (high-resolution photos, movies…).To help these people, Pogoplug is getting an “upload via email” feature that uploads an attached file via upload@pogoplug.com. The Pogo environment is also said to be able to have “full compatibility with every standard document format to view it inside the Pogo environment (My.Pogoplug.Com)”. We have not tried this one yet, but this does sound pretty good — we have the actual list of formats in the full post.

If you are not familiar with this device, it is basically much easier for most people to use than setting up an FTP server and so on. It’s not technically as secure, because shared URLs can be forwarded but are very hard to discover “by chance”. If you’re not handling top secret materials (your client’s logo, or a wedding photo shoot), it’s largely good enough.

  • Word Doc (Office 95 and newer) – .doc, .docx
  • Excel (Office 95 and newer) – .xls, .xlsx, xls5, xls95
  • PowerPoint (Office 97 and newer) – .ppt, .pptx
  • Microsoft Office open XML (.xml)
  • Open Office Documents (.stw, .sxw)
  • Open Office Drawings (.sxd, .std,.odg)
  • Open Office Presentations (.sti,.sxi)
  • Open Office Spreadsheet (.stc,.sxc)
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • RTF

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