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Spotify Hulu Bundle Now Includes Showtime
Spotify announced a new bundle for students last year with Hulu. It costs $5 per month and offers them access to both streaming services. It’s an incredibly good deal and now Spotify is making it even better. The world’s most popular music streaming service has announced today that this $5 per month bundle now includes Showtime as well.

Showtime's Halo Series Will Have Master Chief As Lead Character
Showtime has been working on a Halo series and a new interview has finally revealed some more details about the project. The network has revealed that Master Chief will be the lead character in this series. He will definitely be a part of the show’s narrative even though he won’t be the only lead in the show.

Showtime Secretly Mined User CPUs For Cryptocurrency
Showtime is a major network so you can imagine the kind of traffic its websites pull. It appears that the company recently put that traffic to use by secretly mining cryptocurrency. A script was discovered on some Showtime websites which used users’ CPU power to mine for virtual currency. Following reports about this behavior, the script was quietly removed.

Showtime Apps Get Offline Viewing Support
If you’re a Showtime subscriber and you regularly use its mobile applications to consume content on the go then you’re going to like the update that it has sent out today. Showtime apps for iOS and Android now have support for offline viewing, meaning that you can download content from its streaming catalog to watch even when there’s no internet connection.


Showtime Now Available On Sling TV
Sling TV has been around for over two years now and the online TV streaming service has gradually built up its programming lineup. It has been adding premium channels that many know and love, the likes of HBO, Cinemax, and Starz are already available on the service. Sling TV today announced that Showtime will now be available for subscribers as well who are willing to pay a bit extra for […]

Starz Launches Its Own Streaming Service
Premium networks have seen the writing on the wall which is why they’ve started to embrace cord cutters. Both HBO and Showtime have already launched their standalone online streaming services and now Starz has joined the list. Starz today announced the launch of its standalone online tv streaming service which costs less per month than Showtime and HBO.

HBO Now And Showtime Going After More Cordcutters
Major networks are now seriously in the race for capturing cordcutters who would rather pay monthly for a network they’d like access to rather than pay for a conventional TV service. That’s what has prompted giants like HBO, Showtime and CBS to launch their own over-the-top internet TV streaming services, all of which are now available for your viewing pleasure on Android TV enabled set-top boxes and HDTVs.

Cablevision Will Provide CBS And Showtime Internet Streaming
Internet TV streaming is catching on, cord cutters are giving up on conventional TV service contracts in favor of services to which they can subscribe monthly and not be obliged to pay hundreds of dollars in setup fees. That’s one of the reasons why cable giants like HBO are changing up their business models. Cablevision is the first internet service provider to distribute the HBO Now online TV streaming service, and […]

Showtime Streaming Goes Live On Apple TV
 The age of internet TV streaming is upon us and the race to capture cord cutters is well and truly on. There are multiple online TV streaming services already while cable giants are launching their own solutions in an already crowded market. Showtime recently announced that it will offer the channel over the internet without requiring a conventional cable subscription and the option to pay for it month to month, the […]

Hulu Bundles Showtime For An Additional $9 Per Month
Hulu subscribers will soon be able to view premium content from Showtime on-demand as the online streaming service has announced that it will allow subscribers to take up Showtime’s streaming service for just an extra $9 per month. Subscribers already pay $8 per month for Hulu’s service, this way they can save a couple of dollars every month and enjoy on-demand content from both Hulu and Showtime.

Showtime's New Online TV Streaming Service Is Cheaper Than HBO's
The big cable giants have decided to duke it out for the cord-cutter. Merely months after HBO introduced its standalone online TV streaming service called HBO Now, which costs $15 per month, Showtime today launched a similar service of its own but for less than what HBO is charging customers. Showtime’s service doesn’t have a new name, it’s just called Showtime, and it will be launched on Sunday, July 12th. It […]

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Live Stream Sites Under Trouble
On May 2nd at the MGM in Las Vegas a bout that many have waited years for is finally going to take place, no wonder the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight is being hailed as the “Fight of the Century.” There’s a ridiculous amount of money involved in this one boxing match but the anticipation has been so high that fans aren’t going to think twice before paying $100 for pay per […]

Showtime Will Launch Its Streaming Service To Compete With HBO Now
HBO Now hasn’t even been launched yet and already there’s competition on the horizon. The cable giant’s over-the-top internet TV streaming service will be available to U.S. residents starting next month. For three months it will be exclusive to Apple’s devices. Showtime is going to keep itself out of the fray any longer. CBS chief Les Moonves has confirmed that Showtime will be launching a similar streaming service “in the not-too-distant […]