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How To Install APK Files: Sideloading on Android
Android application package file commonly known as an APK (.apk) file is the format of installable files on Android platform. Every application you have installed or want to install on your Android device has the .apk extension or file format.You can install applications from the Google Play Store or even the Amazon AppStore but there are also methods that let you install applications directly on your Android device without having […]

Sideload iOS Apps Sans Jailbreak
There were reasons that the Hackulous team shut down their Installous pirated app store at the end of last year, and that could have been a catalyst to see even easier alternatives for side-loading iOS apps make their mark. While some folks with pure intention would not use side-loading to fall into the temptation of pirated apps, how many of us have that kind of self control? A couple of […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet allows for sideloaded apps
It was discovered not too long ago that the Amazon Kindle Fire could sideload apps not from Amazon’s app store, so we guess we can’t say that we’re too surprised to hear that the Barnes & Noble’s recently launched Nook Tablet gained that ability as well. 

Android Market can be installed onto a rooted Kindle Fire
A few days ago we reported that Amazon’s Kindle Fire would allow the sideloading of apps outside of Amazon’s own app store, but now it seems that for those who want the Android Market installed on their Kindle Fire will be able to do so, however the kicker is that they will need to root their Kindle Fire and install a new UI in order for Android Market to show […]


Amazon Kindle Fire allows sideloaded apps
It’s common knowledge that the Amazon Kindle Fire will only run apps approved by Amazon aka apps downloaded from the Appstore, but it looks like all that is about to change. Some folks have discovered that it’s possible to sideload apps onto the tablet via a little “tweaking” of the tablet. No rooting is necessary, and the process seems simple enough but there’s a chance that Amazon might disable the […]

AT&T to release update that enables sideloading
Earlier this month we reported that AT&T had confirmed they would be opening up their Android phones to non-Android Market apps. Well, we knew that it would be for AT&T’s upcoming phones, but we were unsure about their older devices?According to a leaked image that Android Central got their hands on, it looks like the older devices will be getting an OTA (over the air) update to enable the sideloading […]

HTC Sync Update Allows Users To Install Non-market Apps On The HTC Aria
Here’s some rather good news for HTC Aria owners. Turns out that the latest update to HTC Sync allows users to install third-party .APK files on non-rooted devices, something which AT&T generally does not allow.It could be an indication that AT&T might be more lenient when it comes to installation of apps on its AT&T-branded phones in the future, which would be good news for AT&T subscribers who like to […]