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Gemalto Claims Its SIM Cards Are Safe To Use
Just in case you were wondering, Gemalto happens to be a SIM card manufacturer of note – after all, they happen to churn out more than a couple of billion SIM cards each year, and happens to also serve all of the four major US carriers, not to mention a slew of other mobile service providers worldwide. Having said that, Gemalto did issue a statement which you can read right […]

Vodafone Germany Begins To Introduce SIM Card Based Encryption
Vodafone Germany has just announced a new SIM card based encryption for data communication over its network, where they intend to expand this particular feature to voice communication, too. Apparently, Vodafone has plans to secure customers’ data communication using a SIM card based solution that was made possible in the past thanks to the use of separate smart cards or tokens. Vodafone Germany came up with this particular solution after […]

iPhone 4S SIM card issues
Hmmm, the iPhone 4S from Apple does not really seem to be as desirable as it was when first announced a few weeks ago – I guess that has something to do with Wi-Fi connectivity issues as well as battery life problems that plagued select handsets, so for those who did not experience any of the mentioned issues, then I would suppose that you fall under the lucky category. It […]

Giesecke & Devrient to debut nano SIM in Paris next week
Giesecke & Devrient, the company that brought us the world’s first commercial SIM card, will be showing off a new SIM card in Paris next week. This new SIM card is dubbed the nanoSIM, which as its name implies, will be a lot smaller than the microSIM card which is currently employed by Apple and (recently) Nokia in their smartphones.


Google branded SIM card spotted in Spain
Google started out as a search engine, but over the years they have managed to expand their list of services to include e-mail (Gmail), a smartphone platform which has quickly dominated the marketshare in terms of platforms (Android) and recently even attempted to launch their very own social network (Google+). With Google Voice being an alternative to your typical cellular calls, would it be a stretch of the imagination to […]

SK Telecom to introduce NFC SIM card for $40
When it comes to NFC in our mobile devices, unless you’re living in Japan where NFC is incredibly popular and widely used, it’ll be hard to find devices come enabled with them. High end devices like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (non-Korean version) usually don’t come with NFC built in, but if you’re living in Korea and you’re curious about NFC and want to use it with your […]

FireText smoke alarm will automatically text up to four numbers during an emergency
Smoke alarms are both a blessing and a curse. A curse when you’re cooking or toasting bread, and the minute your culinary creation gets slightly burnt, there goes the alarm. Jokes aside, smoke alarms can be lifesavers, notifying us in our sleep the minute smoke is detected, giving us time to quickly assess the situation and make a decision. However, there are times when you are out of the house, […]

Gevey SIM unlocks your precious iPhone 4
For those who cannot wait to install a software update and has decided to proceed on their iPhone 4 to make the jump to iOS 4.2.1 or above, you would most probably have realized that no unlocking software is currently available for the accompanying basebands. While everyone waits for the Dev-Team to roll out their very own house remedy, Gevey has decided to roll out a $70 imposter SIM that […]