For those who cannot wait to install a software update and has decided to proceed on their iPhone 4 to make the jump to iOS 4.2.1 or above, you would most probably have realized that no unlocking software is currently available for the accompanying basebands. While everyone waits for the Dev-Team to roll out their very own house remedy, Gevey has decided to roll out a $70 imposter SIM that is touted to unlock your smartphone without having to jailbreak it first, since all the current basebands are found embedded within 4.0 – 4.3. The steps to make use of the Gevey SIM does seem to be inconvenient, and you will need to repeat all of the steps again if you decide to switch off the phone. Guess we will wait for a permanent unlock solution you’ll need to do all of this again if you switch off the phone. Oh, and we should mention this involves snipping off a corner on your SIM card, and carriers tend not to like that. Our recommendation regarding this contraption? If you’re absolutely in the need of a carrier unlock and have the cash, proceed with caution. Otherwise, patience is your answer as you await someone to roll out a permanent solution.

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