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Singapore GovTech Hive: Government-Driven Innovation for Better Services
In May 2017, Singapore GovTech and IMDA invited me on a press tour that aims at showcasing the best innovations driven by government agencies in Singapore.Singapore has a long tradition of government-led initiatives when it comes to developing infrastructure or high-tech innovation, one of the most important and recent one is “Smart Nation” launched in 2014, probably inspired by the “Start-up Nation” a.k.a. Israel, a term coined by the book […]

Senior Citizens Exercise Alongside Robots In Singapore
Robots and senior citizens could end up as very good buddies in the near future, thanks to the Singapore government’s “Digital Inclusion” initiative. One segment of this initiative will see the Singapore government work alongside Ngee Ann Polytechnic, having introduced the RoboCoach. The RoboCoach is a robot exercise instructor that will specifically cater for the elderly.

Navia Driverless Car Spotted In Singapore
The city-state of Singapore might be spearheading another initiative to make other First World countries jealous – by the time 2015 arrives, driverless vehicles might not even warrant a second glance as it could very well be deemed as normal in Singapore then, thanks to the Navia driverless vehicle. The Navia happens to be an eight-seat shuttle which might resemble an elongated golf cart (it sure as heck is not […]

Mini crab-like robot fights stomach cancer
Robots are amazing creations, especially tiny ones that allow us to visit places that we would normally have trouble accessing. Some researchers in Singapore have managed to come up with a tiny robot designed to combat stomach cancer. Apparently the creators of the robot were inspired after having a seafood dinner one day. Resembling a tiny crab, the robot features a pincer and a hook; and is mounted on an […]


Salt used to increase hard drive storage capacity
With the quality of our media on our computers getting larger (i.e. HD movies, Blu-ray rips, etc), and with the quality of our games going up and eating up more resources, we’re starting to need more and more hard disk space just to back everything up. Sure there are external hard drives that can hold several terabytes, but what if we got to the point where we need to bring […]

RFID tag system allows you to pay for your parking easily
When it comes to entering paid car parks, sometimes the angle of the ticketing machine may be angled weirdly which will make it inconvenient for you to reach out and grab the ticket. Having to line up at the cashier or auto pay machine when you’re done with your shopping can also prove to be a hassle, especially when you have your hands full and need to search for your […]

Singapore National Service recruits to receive iPads this November
It is compulsory for able-bodied males citizens and permanent residents to serve time in the National Service if you’re living in the city-state known as Singapore, and while the thought of actually entering the battlefield remains but a distant vision due to the nature of the political region’s relative stability (it is no Middle East, that’s for sure), it would still help if you know how to handle a rifle, […]

Kinect and iPhone brought together to 3D shooter
Come on, let’s admit it; we all love seeing unholy unions (Android running on an iPhone or Windows phone device anyone?) and apparently so do the guys at Rockmoon in Singapore. The developers have recently come up with a prototype game that has the Microsoft Kinect and the Apple iPhone working together in a co-op game where users fly around in a space ship blowing things up.

Singaporean schools to utilize iPads in the classroom
A high school in Singapore has recently spent a buttload of cash ($103,430 to be approximate) for 150 iPads from Apple. Part of a pilot project to determine how useful iPads can be in the classroom, the iPads have been given out to children to take notes, make worksheets, and look up additional information on their current subject. The dean of the curriculum wants this project to give children more […]

Owner Offers $10k Reward For Asus M10 Phone Lost In Singapore
It’s hard to determine whether this is a true plea for help, or a joke that someone’s trying to play, but a video has surfaced from a person who claims to have lost his Asus M10 phone in Singapore. Why would most folks care? Apparently he’s offering a $10,000 (probably in SGD) reward for the safe return for the phone, and is pleading that folks to not share the contents […]

Square-shaped Nokia X5 Goes Live In Singapore
Cell phone manufacturers recently seem to have a thing for square-shaped cell phones, as evidenced by the Motorola FLIPOUT and Mirosoft’s KIN One. Nokia isn’t one to be left out, as it has just launched its X5 in Singapore, a square-shaped slider phone. We’re aware that Nokia already has an X5 over in China, but this one is obviously different. Detailed specifications weren’t mentioned, but we do know that it’ll […]

Samsung Apps Released For Various Countries
Mobile application stores are all the rage these days, and now Samsung has announced the expansion of its application store, Samsung Apps. By late January, folks who are living in Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China and own an Omnia II or OmniaLITE will have access to Samsung Apps. Apps such as Guitar Hero, Spiderman, and Need for Speed will be available during launch, amongst others, and there will be more […]