Kinect iPhone game

Come on, let’s admit it; we all love seeing unholy unions (Android running on an iPhone or Windows phone device anyone?) and apparently so do the guys at Rockmoon in Singapore. The developers have recently come up with a prototype game that has the Microsoft Kinect and the Apple iPhone working together in a co-op game where users fly around in a space ship blowing things up.

Reminiscent of yesteryear games like Descent, the first person shooter is a co-op game where two players use different controls to play their roles. The pilot will use the Kinect to drive the ship – leaning forward to accelerate and steering gestures left and right to turn the ship. The player with the iPhone will be in charge of the ship’s guns, blasting enemies that appear in front of them.

A game like this will probably never hit the shelves as a commercial product, seeing how it will probably require the endorsement of two competing companies. Then again, maybe if the developers made it work with Windows Phone 7 instead, it’ll probably work. Regardless of whether the game makes it big, it’s good to know that developers are being creative with the hardware available to them – it shows a lot of potential for even more experimental games in the future. Check out a video of the game in action:

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