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Site Helps Blind People Scan And Locate Cans
Having the gift of sight is definitely a sense that we should not take for granted at all. Of course, there are some of us through illness or circumstance, are lacking in the sense of sight, but we are pleased to say that many advancements have been made to assist those who are visually impaired over the years. Jim Ruck is someone who decided to do something about the situation […]

Twitter updates mobile website
In an attempt to bring a unified Twitter experience across its official mobile client and mobile website, Twitter has updated the mobile website for touchscreen devices. It now looks like the default Twitter app, featuring a tool bar on the top for checking tweets, direct messages, searching and your profile. This version of Twitter makes use of HTML5 and other web technologies to recreate the Twitter app experience. With functions […]

Google Introduces Helper Site
Most of you Internet-savvy folks out there have received distress calls from parents before, asking how to perform tasks that we consider simple such as copy and pasting, changing the wallpaper on your computer and such. Not all of us have the patience to sit down and go through everything with them, and with that in mind, Google has come up with a cool way for you to send help […]

Google URL Shortener gets own web site
Hmmm, what took so long for the Google URL Shortener to get its own web site after squatting on the Google Toolbar and Feedburner for a long time now? Also known as, it will now feature a simple web interface that allows you to input a URL of your choice, receiving a shorter one in its place. According to Google, they managed the following with the Google URL Shortener […]