South Korea’s SK Telecom Will Launch 10Gbps Internet This Year

While 1Gbps internet connections still remain elusive for most of us, people in South Korea will be able to get an impressive 10Gbps internet connection later this year. SK Broadband, a division of South Korea’s largest mobile carrier SK Telecom, has announced that it’s going to roll out a 10Gbps internet service in the country before the end of this year. This means that users will be able to hit […]

Samsung Handing Out Free Galaxy S6 Units To Loyalists In South Korea

Samsung is thanking its hardcore loyalists in South Korea by giving them a brand new Galaxy S6. For this purpose the company has teamed up with SK Telecom. Anyone who still uses the original Galaxy S smartphone can claim a free Galaxy S6. Even those who have purchased every single Galaxy S model to date will be given Samsung’s new flagship smartphone for free.

iPhone 5 hinted to carry 4G LTE capability

This is yet another possible hint that the next generation iPhone, where some prefer to call it the new iPhone or just iPhone 5 for the sake of continuity, might just carry 4G LTE capability as a couple of cellular operators in Korea – namely SK Telecom and KT, spilled the beans to the Korea Times that their respective companies are well advanced in talks with the fruity company in […]

SK Telecom to roll out Android 4.0 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 tomorrow?

Just the other day we reported that apparently the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S2 was scheduled for the 10th of March. It was later refuted by Samsung who claims the post was made in error, but now it looks like we might have a new date. Unfortunately it seems that this date is only for SK Telecom subscribers over in South Korea, who had tweeted […]


LG Optimus EX gets pictured in real life

The LG Optimus EX was unveiled sometime in September for the South Korean market, but unfortunately no pricing or release date was revealed and talk about the device has since died down. Thanks to some new photos, we can now get a glimpse of the device in a real life setting although we still don’t know about a possible stateside launch.

LG Optimus EX press shot leaked

Another day, another leak, and this time we have the upcoming Android phone from LG, the Optimus EX. Previously discovered earlier this week, the Optimus EX has now been spotted in higher quality press shot renders. The phone is headed to Korea and packs some pretty sweet specs. The Optimus EX will feature a dual-core 1.2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, a 4″ WVGA IPS 700-nit NOVA display, a 5-megapixel camera […]

LG Optimus EX headed to SK Telecom

We just reported that South Korea would be getting the HTC Raider, a handset whose specs seem to rival that of the LG Optimus LTE (LU6200), and now it looks like South Korea will be getting yet another LG device, this time it is the LG Optimus EX (SU880) and it will be making its way onto SK Telecom.

SK Telecom to introduce NFC SIM card for $40

When it comes to NFC in our mobile devices, unless you’re living in Japan where NFC is incredibly popular and widely used, it’ll be hard to find devices come enabled with them. High end devices like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (non-Korean version) usually don’t come with NFC built in, but if you’re living in Korea and you’re curious about NFC and want to use it with your […]

SK Telecom packs tablets into supermarket shopping carts

The tablet revolution continues – this time around, housewives as well as folks who just love the sights and sounds of a supermarket will be able to enjoy a tablet being integrated into a shopping cart – at least at Shanghai’s Lotus Supermarket in China, thanks to SK Telecom’s pilot program. The whole idea to cram in a tablet into a shopping cart is to have it synchronize with your […]

Korean carriers not hot on the Nexus S

Google’s latest Nexus S might be popular over in the US and UK, but word is going around that South Korean mobile operators aren’t too hot about the phone just yet. According to reports, SK Telecom and KT, South Korea’s largest mobile operators, aren’t planning to offer the Nexus S yet, since they can’t include locally-customized services, such as SK’s T-Map. Korean Nexus S fans will probably be hoping that […]

SK Telecom offers mobile 3D TV technology

Guess 3D TV isn’t good enough for the world, now that SK Telecom unveiled the existence of mobile 3D TV technology, letting you enjoy 3D movies and news reports on the go on such a small device such as portable media players and cellphones. It would be interesting to see just the type of glasses one must carry around in order to view mobile 3D TV. There is also the […]

Motorola MOTOROI Goes Official In Korea

We previously mentioned that a Korean version of Motorola’s XT701 would be released sometime soon, and now it has gone official as the MOTOROI. The phone will be available on SK Telecom and will come bundled with a charging dock that will allow you to place it on your desk like an alarm clock, just like the Motorola Droid. It seems like Motorola is really taking Google’s Android OS and […]

Motorola XT720 To Hit South Korea

Mid last-year, we heard that there would be a Motorola Android phone released in South Korea in early 2010, and it seems that we were right. The Motorola XT701, which was released in China, will be released in South Korea next month via SK Telecom, though it will be branded as the Motorola XT720. Aside from the XT720, SK Telecom has plans to launch a good 13 Android phones this […]

SK Telecom Releases SCH-M830 In Korea

SK Telecom is proud to unveil its full touchscreen WiBro-enabled handset known as the SCH-M830 in South Korea recently. What makes this phone so special anyways? Well, apart from the obvious fact that it is able to help you surf at blazing fast speeds thanks to WiBro support, the SCH-M830 ain’t half bad in the specifications department with a decent 3-megapixel camera gracing it, aided by 2GB internal memory to […]