The tablet revolution continues – this time around, housewives as well as folks who just love the sights and sounds of a supermarket will be able to enjoy a tablet being integrated into a shopping cart – at least at Shanghai’s Lotus Supermarket in China, thanks to SK Telecom’s pilot program. The whole idea to cram in a tablet into a shopping cart is to have it synchronize with your smartphone, sending coupons and discounts as you walk through the many aisles – this means you need not be on the lookout for the latest coupons always, and you need not remember just what is on offer – just walk past the aisle and see what pops up.

SK Telecom’s “Smart Cart” idea intends to make shopping more exciting, although if you want exciting, why not let your little one do the shopping for you – you’d be far more exhausted at the end of the day, taking out his/her choices of dinner while you replace all the cookies and chips with a much healther alternative.

This isn’t exactly a new idea – don’t get me wrong, but rather, it is a novel way of integrating modern day tablets into the shopping cart. It would be cooler if the software on the tablet can analyze what you have in your shopping list and throw you a few recipes for your cooking pleasure.

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