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Future iPhones Could Feature Invisible Buttons, Sliders
We spotted a concept of the iPhone 6 last month that imagined a device without its iconic Home button, which looks like Apple may be considering if a recently published patent is any indication of the company’s future plans.The patent dubbed “Disappearing button or slider” describes an iPhone that could come with “invisible” buttons and controls that blend into the device when they aren’t in use, to fully appear when needed. […]

Asus SL101 spotted at the FCC
The folks at the FCC are at it again, having the time of their lives testing the latest and greatest devices so that you and I will be safe knowing that our devices won’t just overheat or blow up in our hands during use, not to mention making sure everything in the device or gizmo itself is compliant to the many rules and regulations set by the government for the […]

ASUS announces 4 new tablets
[CES 2011] It looks like ASUS will be releasing 4 new tablets over the course of the year – the Eee Slate, the Eee Pad Transformer, the Eee Pad Slider and the Eee Pad MeMO. After unveiling them today at CES, the Taiwanese company has revealed their prices and release dates to the public. The Eee Slate EP121, which runs on Windows 7, will pack a 12.1″ 1280 x 800 […]

Concept: Scope Sliding Cell Phone Design
We’ve seen many phones out there that sport a sliding form factor, and now the Scope concept design from the folks at FORMBOTEN uses a similar design, but only the keys are hidden in a “drawer” that can be closed, or popped open with a press of a button. Would this be an improvement over the existing sliding form factor design that is often used in mobile phones?


NYC Retailer Begins Accepting Pre-orders For The BlackBerry 9800 Slider
The BlackBerry 9800 slider phone hasn’t been unveiled just yet, but a NYC retailer, Mobile City Online, has already decided to begin accepting pre-orders for the device, and has priced it at $600. The phone on offer is an AT&T locked version, and boasts specifications such as BlackBerry OS 6, Wi-Fi, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of built-in storage. There’s no confirmation as to whether such specifications are accurate just […]

Verizon Pantech Jest To Launch Soon?
Verizon and Pantech look set to release a successor to the Razzle, which will apparently be dubbed the Pantech Jest. It’s a slider phone that sports a QWERTY keyboard and is expected to be launched pretty soon. The leaked information regarding this device seems rather detailed, so it doesn’t look like a joke from someone with too much time on their hands. Pricing wasn’t mentioned, but specifications of the Pantech […]

Inbrics M1 Is One Thin Android Slider
[CES 2010] You don’t see all that many Android devices with a slider form factor, aside from the Motorola Droid, but the Inbrics M1 is also extremely thin (for a slider). Aside from its size, it’s not slouch in the feature department too, as it sports a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 3-megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera, 800MHz processor, 16GB built-in storage, microSD card expansion, and a full QWERTY keyboard. While […]

Motorola Cliq Review
After a long walk in the desert, Motorola surprised everyone (or at least me) with the Motorola Cliq, an Android smartphone with a QWERTY sliding keyboard and most importantly MotoBlur, a combination of software and web services designed to unify all your communications in a single medium that is “people-oriented” instead of “service-oriented”. It seems very nice in theory and our initial impression was good. Now, we have spent enough […]

Motorola W7 Active Edition Slider
Motorola might be in the doldrums, but they have a new handset in the form of the W7 Active Edition slider, boasting a built-in pedometer and personal trainer application. After all, they don’t have that much to lose so why not jump aboard the accelerometer bandwagon with their latest? The Motorola W7 will rely on simple hand gestures, taps and flicks to perform certain functions. For instance, flip the handset […]