Slingplayer Windows 8 App Costs $15 After Free Trial Run Period

As far as we can remember, the release of Windows 8 (and of course, Windows 8.1 after that) has seen requests made by Slingbox customers for an app which will also be able to play nice on Windows 8 devices, and those will include a plethora of tablets, convertibles, laptops and desktop machines. Well, I suppose the gods of tech have heard you, since Sling Media recently announced that the […]

SlingPlayer headed for Kindle Fire

[CES 2012] The Amazon Kindle Fire might have been quite the bestseller at the end of last year, although Amazon has continued to remain mum on the actual sales figures. It does not matter though, as the Kindle Fire will soon be on the receiving end of SlingPlayer from SlingBox. Just what does the SlingPlayer do? For starters, a little bit of introduction – SlingBox is one popular service that […]

SlingPlayer app now available on Boxee

Great news for those of you with Boxee Box set tops – live TV is finally available on the service. Boxee has just announced that the SlingPlayer app, which was teased earlier this year, is now available on the Boxee Box. SlingPlayer will allow any TV connected to a Boxee Box to play live and recorded content from your SlingBox. With SlingBox and a Boxee Box, you essentially have a […]

SlingPlayer For iPhone Now Offers HQ Video

Good news for iPhone and iPod touch owners out there as the SlingPlayer Mobile app has received a major update, offering you HQ video. You’ll need a Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD device in order to enjoy the benefits and after installing the 2.0 update, you’ll need to update your Slingbox software to the latest version. The bad news is that Slingbox Classic, Tuner, AV, and PRO users won’t have […]


SlingPlayer for iPad Now Available for Download, Purchase

We’ve heard of and seen a working demo of SlingPlayer for iPad on the Internet a few weeks ago and now it looks like the place shifter media streaming app is now available to download from the iTunes App Store for $30. Unfortunately, iPhone users who had purchased the SlingPlayer for iPhone will have to shell out another $30 for the iPad version, or use the iPhone version scaled up […]

AT&T Finally Allows 3G Streaming For SlingPlayer On iPhone

The lack of 3G streaming on SlingPlayer for the iPhone was a painful affair to many users, and it probably was just confirmation to many that AT&T was having more than a little trouble handling the load of data brought upon it by the iPhone. But now that VoIP is not taboo on the iPhone anymore, AT&T seems to have given into SlingPlayer’s demands, and said that it has been […]

SlingPlayer iPhone App Available Soon (WiFi Only)

The SlingPlayer application for iPhone will finally be available tomorrow. Since its January demonstration, there was a lot of discussions as whether or not AT&T (and other carriers) would let this bandwidth intensive app use their networks. thanks to Apple, carriers had it their way and the Slingplayer app will work only with WIFI on iPhone. If you want to use SlingPlayer on 3G, you’ll have to own a Blackberry […]