Sonos Beam Smart Speaker Announced

We’re attending a Sonos special event in San Francisco at which the new Sonos Beam smart soundbar speaker. The smart speaker will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice control for now (you need an Alexa Fire TV box), but it can/will gain support for more voice assistants. No timeline has been shared for that yet.

Huawei’s Smart Speaker May Be Called ‘iDol home’

With more and more companies jumping on the smart speaker bandwagon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see if Huawei decided to try its luck in the market as well. It’s already one of the fastest-growing smartphone vendors on the planet so it’s well positioned to try competing in this lucrative market. According to a new report, Huawei’s smart speaker may be launched as the “iDol home.”

Facebook’s Smart Speaker May Be Launched Internationally First

It has long been rumored that Facebook is developing its very own smart speaker and while the company was reportedly going to release it in the first half of this year, the data privacy scandal may have caused it to delay the product’s release. According to a new report, Facebook might go for an international launch of its smart speaker first before launching it in the United States to avoid […]

Facebook Smart Speaker Launch Has Reportedly Been Delayed

Facebook is believed to be working on a smart speaker of its own that the company is due to release in the coming months. It was expected that the device would be out over the summer but if a new report is to be believed, Facebook has delayed the launch of its smart speaker until October this year.


Wearable Devices May Lose Out To Smart Speakers This Holiday Season

If wearable devices were all the industry could talk about a couple of years ago, this year it has all been about smart speakers. Major companies like Amazon and Google are competing in this space. The competition will certainly continue to grow in the new year and so will the market’s interest. A new report suggests that smart speakers are going to outsell wearable devices during the U.S. holiday season […]

Sonos Smart Speaker Spotted In FCC Filing

The smart speaker trend appears to have caught on. Many major companies are now working on their own iterations of the product that Amazon can be credited for popularizing. A new FCC filing reveals that Sonos might be working on a smart speaker of its own. One has been spotted at the Federal Communications Commission recently.

Samsung Reportedly Developing Its Own Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are all the rage these days. Amazon has seen considerable success with the Echo hardware so it’s no surprise that others are jumping on the bandwagon as well. Google has the Google Home, Microsoft has third-party options. Even Apple has made one so it was only a matter of time before Samsung threw its hat in the ring as well.

Qualcomm Chips Will Now Power Smart Speakers

It won’t be an understatement to say that the Amazon Echo has done great things for the smart speaker market. Companies like Google and Apple came out with their own smart speakers after they saw the runaway success that Amazon has had with its Echo devices. Qualcomm is now looking to provide the building blocks to OEMs that are interested in making such products but don’t want to start from […]