With more and more companies jumping on the smart speaker bandwagon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see if Huawei decided to try its luck in the market as well. It’s already one of the fastest-growing smartphone vendors on the planet so it’s well positioned to try competing in this lucrative market. According to a new report, Huawei’s smart speaker may be launched as the “iDol home.”

Huawei has actually applied for a pair of trademarks for “iDol” and “iDol home” with this leading to speculation that the company has done this in preparation of the launch of its smart speaker. The description of the trademark application mentions that these monikers may be used for a “Voice-controlled smart audio speakers with virtual personal assistant capabilities,” that’s the textbook definition of a smart speaker.

Amid reports that Huawei is also developing a significantly advanced personal assistant, the timing for this report feels right, as that new voice assistant would surely need a best which will be best provided by a smart speaker. Other companies competing in this market such as Amazon, Google, and Apple all have their own digital personal assistants.

Some companies have started making smart speakers that come with Amazon’s Alexa built-in and it’s difficult to believe right now that Huawei will go down this road if it’s planning on launching a smart speaker of its own.

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