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Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses with Augmented Reality
Smart glasses are hot again, but not for the consumer market, and we are all waiting for Google Glass to show up again for the enterprise segment, where HUD and AR glasses will bring the best value to the user experience. Intel is coming full force in that market with the amazing, powerful, and probably very expensive, Daqri helmet that launched at CES 2016 during the Intel keynote.Today, Epson, one […]

ORA-X the AR Headphones with Heads Up Display
We saw the ORA-X as a concept device at CES 2015, and we were excited to see a working prototype and a demo by CTO Khaled Sarayeddine a few days ago.Optinvent, the company behind the ORA-X AR Headphones have been working on smart glasses for a long time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to wearable transparent display.As Google quit on their Glass for consumers, […]

Xbox One SmartGlass App Crashing Because Of Date Bug
We often get to see bugs surface in some major online services whenever the new year rolls in. This is usually because of server-side issues due to date change. Something similar has happened with the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows and Windows Phone. The app is crashing due to a date bug, apparently SmartGlass thinks that we’re not in 2015, instead we’re back to 31st December 2013.This date bug was first reported […]

Xbox One SmartGlass App Can Now Be Used To Record Gameplay
Over the past few months Microsoft has spent a lot of time and resources in improving the SmartGlass app for Xbox One. A recent update brought a couple of new features to the app which were no doubt appreciated by Xbox One owners around the globe. Today yet another update for this app has been released, which is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Xbox One SmartGlass app has now gained […]


Xbox One SmartGlass App Now Available On iOS, Android
Microsoft rolled out its official SmartGlass application for the Xbox One on across Windows Phone devices yesterday, leaving many of the majority of us with Android and iOS devices out in the cold waiting for our turn to download the new SmartGlass app. It looks like we didn’t have to freeze our buns off for too long as the Xbox One SmartGlass app for iOS and Android have been released.

Xbox One Smartglass App Gets Windows Phone Rollout
The upcoming Xbox One console from Microsoft is set to be released this coming weekend, and it would be interesting to see how it fares in terms of sales figures compared to the Sony PS4 which managed to surpass the 1 million mark in a matter of 24 hours. We do know that the Xbox One will arrive with a standard controller and a next-generation Kinect sensor for input purposes, […]