We often get to see bugs surface in some major online services whenever the new year rolls in. This is usually because of server-side issues due to date change. Something similar has happened with the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows and Windows Phone. The app is crashing due to a date bug, apparently SmartGlass thinks that we’re not in 2015, instead we’re back to 31st December 2013.

This date bug was first reported on reddit where someone also posted a screenshot showing the messaging app has started timestamping messages with 12/31/2013. It was initially thought that the bug was limited to the messaging app but this bug is also the reason why Xbox One SmartGlass is crashing on both Windows and Windows Phone.

Twitter users experienced something like this last week when they were kicked out of the mobile apps automatically. On Tweetdeck users saw posts backdated by an entire year and that’s because Twitter’s servers though it was 29th December 2015 already, they jumped an entire year ahead causing those issues. Twitter took a few hours to resolve this.

The only workaround that has been floated on reddit involves moving back the system date to 2013, which isn’t really the right thing to do, unless the only thing you use on your device is SmartGlass. Hopefully a fix will be rolled out soon, shouldn’t take too long to put together anyway.

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