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Nike Launches Laser Soccer Field Service In Spain [Video]
Nike Football Spain is helping Spaniards with their pick-up soccer games by providing a laser field.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 for PS3 preview
I know that many folks have already started a countdown to the Euros that will be kicking off very, very soon in Poland and Ukraine, and for those who cannot wait, you can always enjoy some soccer action on your home video game console. For some years, it had always been a fight between the FIFA series by Electronic Arts and Pro Evolution Soccer, with purists trending to the latter […]

FIFA 12 is exclusive for the Xperia Play until February 2012
If you happen to own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handset and if you enjoy soccer games, both EA and Sony Ericsson have announced today that FIFA 12 will be available as an exclusive game title for the Xperia Play handset. The game is expected to roll out to other Sony Ericsson Xperia phones at a later date, but Xperia Play owners will get to enjoy the game first and […]

Facebook to stream first match of FA Cup live
Soccer fans who don’t have a TV to watch live matches on TV will be glad to know that they have a new outlet to get their fix of the game – Facebook. And no, I’m not talking about some online football game or live score app – Facebook has announced that it will be streaming the first match of the FA Cup live on the social network this Friday […]


LG To Host Robot Vacuum Soccer Tournament
LG is planning to host a soccer tournament, but not just any soccer tournament. The players in this tournament will be the LG Robot Vacuums, which participants will be controlling in order to try and win one of several 42-inch LED Canvas LG TVs. Of course, it’s a promotional event and an obvious publicity stunt, but it’s certainly a great way to do it, right? The Korean company is expecting […]

Soccer Ball Remote Control Is In Time For The World Cup
With the World Cup just around the corner, you can expect these soccer ball remote controls to get a healthy spike in sales. Considering that tensions will be high and there will be plenty of shouting when your team fails to score, the fact that this remote control is padded might just be a good thing. It’s pre-programmed for many TV, VCR, satellite and DVD systems, and can be used […]