Being able to play pick-up soccer games is one we’re sure many people outside of the U.S. have trouble doing as it’s nearly impossible to tell what the exact measurements of your temporary field should be in order to have everything be fair and square. Nike Football Spain knows just how hard pick-up soccer games can be, which is why they decided to help their fellow Spaniards by using lasers to help create a temporary soccer field. 

The way it works is players would request a portable field to be sent to their location using a smartphone or computer. Once the request is made, a roving team of Nike specialists will head over to your location to then install a temporary soccer field etched out in lasers by using a crane connected to a van.

The service is only available in Spain and in one of six local neighborhoods, so long as you can confirm you have at least eight players ready to get their soccer on. If not, then you can proceed to hit the bricks as there are probably people who are requesting Nike’s service who actually have a minimum of eight players.

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