Some Believe Google ‘Intentionally’ Broke Microsoft & Apple’s Browsers

It was recently revealed that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul for its Edge browser where they would be adopting Chromium, Google’s rendering engine for websites, and thus ditching EdgeHTML in the process. It seemed like a smart idea with regards to compatibility, but it seems that Microsoft might have been forced into the matter.

Some iPad Pros (2018) Are Shipping Bent, But Apple Says It’s Not A Defect

If you bought a tablet online and it shipped to your home and you discovered that it was slightly bent/warped, would you consider that a problem? We’re sure many people would, although oddly enough Apple doesn’t seem to think so. According to reports, it seems that there are some iPad Pro (2018) units that have been shipped to customers who have discovered that the tablets are actually bent on arrival.

Amazon Reportedly Doesn’t Want To Sell ‘CRaP’ Anymore

There’s a lot you can buy on Amazon. It’s one of the largest online retailers in the world and naturally, it even sells products that don’t make it a lot of money. These products are reportedly referred to internally as “CRaP” or “Can’t Realize a Profit.” A new report says that Amazon wants to move away from selling such products. The idea behind this move is to further improve profit […]

Mars Orbiter Spots NASA’s InSight Lander From Space

Many of us have been fascinated by the journey of NASA’s InSight lander. It landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago after spending around six months traveling through space. The robot’s precise location within the Elysium Planitia is now known as it has been spotted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from space.


Doctor Warns That Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Is Not Accurate

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the key features of the device was its built-in ECG feature, which in a recent report might have already saved its first life. However a doctor in Orange County is now warning that the readings from the ECG might not be as accurate as you might think.

These Photos Of People Are Actually Not Real, Were Generated By AI

We’ve seen how AI can be used rather disturbingly for deepfake videos, and it seems that AI is only getting better at this. NVIDIA has recently published their latest work on AI (via Motherboard) and as you can see in the video above, those are actually not photos of real people, but rather images generated by AI.

Customer Sues Apple Over iPhone’s Notch, Claims To Be Misled

Until companies can find a way to place the smartphone’s earpiece, camera, and front facing camera directly under the screen of the phone itself, the notch design is here to stay. For some this is an unfortunate reality, although many have since gotten used to it or have made peace with it.

China Farming Billions Of Cockroaches To Solve Its Food Waste Problem

China is testing a unique method for controlling its food waste problem. Billions of cockroaches are being farmed that are fed food scraps by the tonne. The conditions are kept just right for the critters so that they remain healthy and most importantly, retain their insatiable appetite.

Puma Bringing Back The Classic 1986 RS-Computer Shoe

Some of you may be old enough to remember the 1986 RS-Computer running shoe from Puma. It was way ahead of its time as the shoe had a computer chip inside the heel to record data like calories, distance, and time. These are things that we can now track with our phones or slim bands around our wrist. However, this was hi-tech at that time. Puma has announced that it’s […]

Study Finds Screen Time Physically Changes The Brain Structure In Kids

These days we’re starting to see how it is common for parents to put a screen in front of their kids during meals. Given that our smartphones and tablets can play videos and play games, it seems like the perfect way to keep kids quiet and entertained. However a recent study has suggested that maybe it might not be the best thing to do.

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Might Have Saved Its First Life

We’ve heard stories of how the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor has saved lives in the past by alerting users to abnormally high (or low) heart rates. One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ECG feature which was recently enabled in the latest watchOS update, and now it looks like it could have potentially saved its first life (that we know of).

Marvel’s Unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four Movie Now On YouTube

Most of us are familiar with the Fantastic Four movie that was released back in 2005, and also the flop of a reboot that was released in 2015. However did you know that back in 1994 Marvel attempted to create a Fantastic Four movie that was never released? Well, it was never released until now, that is.

Woman Damages Precious Dali And Goya Artwork While Taking A Selfie

People tend to take unreasonable risks when trying to capture the perfect selfie. Sometimes they may not even be aware of their surroundings and this can lead to disastrous consequences. A young woman in Russia has found herself in hot water after her attempt to capture a selfie resulted in damage to precious works of art by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya

Apple Reportedly Cancels Production Boost For iPhone XR

It was initially reported that the iPhone XR would be selling pretty well and early estimates have suggested that it might have even outpaced the iPhone 8 in terms of pre-orders. While that might be true, it seems that overall sales might not be as hot or in as high of a demand as Apple would have liked.