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MIT’s Art AI Finds Connections Between Paintings We Did Not Know Existed
Are there such things as a truly unique piece of artwork? After all, artists derive their inspiration from all kinds of things, so sometimes subconsciously, they might have created a piece of artwork that could resemble something else without them knowing, and it is this connection that MIT’s AI is able to sniff out.

A 1,000 Medieval Recipe Found To Be A Viable Antibiotic
There is growing concern that because of the amount of antibiotics we are prescribed, that eventually our bodies will develop resistance against them which means that it will make it harder to fight off infections in the future, especially when we need to. However, thanks to a 1,000 medieval recipe, it appears that maybe a more natural antibiotic solution has been found.

Could Apple Have A New 5K Standalone Monitor In The Works?
When it comes to monitors, it typically does not discriminate between operating systems. As long as you have the right cable and connector, you should be good to go whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac computer. However, sometimes there might be some monitors better optimized for certain platforms, like LG’s UltraFine 5K display for Macs.

Moderna Enters Phase 3 Of Its Coronavirus Vaccine Trial
The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst pandemics we have experienced in recent times. It has not only resulted in people losing their jobs, businesses getting shut down, but it has also resulted in many, many people getting sick and dying. This is why there is a rush to develop a vaccine so that we can get back to some level of normalcy.


WhatsApp Could Soon Work Across Multiple Devices With The Same Number
Unlike apps like LINE, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp relies on a phone number as a personal identifier. This means that you are pretty much limited to just having WhatsApp on one device (not counting the web/desktop version of the app). This can be a bit troublesome if you own multiple devices that you’d like to receive messages on.

Leaked Photo Hints At PS5’s Customizability
With the PS4, when you bought the console you would need to choose the color right out of the gate. This is because once the console is chosen, you would basically have to live with your color choice. However, Sony could be thinking of making a different approach with the upcoming PS5 console.

New iMacs Could Be Released This Week
Apple has not refreshed its iMac lineup for quite a while now. It has actually been more than a year. We have been hearing rumors of a potential refresh, and it seems that the long-awaited refresh will apparently be happening this week. However, before you get too excited, there might be some disappointing news.

Instagram Caught Always Accessing The Camera On iOS 14
There have been many who have theorized and come up with conspiracy theories that suggests that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are spying on us and listening to our conversations. How else would they have the ability to display ads for products and services we only just talked about?

Audi Tests Electric Car With Bi-Directional Charging
One of the reasons for creating electric cars is to help reduce the negative impact of mining for fossil fuels that power more traditional cars. Combine that with solar panels that can generate energy to charge our electric cars and it seems like a winning scenario, but now Audi wants to take things one step further with bi-directional charging.

iOS 14 Beta Seemingly Confirms A Smaller iPhone
According to the rumors, Apple is set to launch four iPhone models this year. What’s interesting is that one of the models, the base model to be exact, will come in a smaller 5.4-inch body compared to the 6.1-inch and 6.8-inch models. Save for the iPhone SE, Apple has not released a flagship iPhone in such a small body for a while now.

Corning Unveils A Newer, Strong Gorilla Glass For Smartphones
A lot of our smartphones and tablets rely on glass covers to help protect the phone’s display components from being damaged. This means that these glass covers need to be really tough to withstand the daily rigors of usage and the occasional drop, and Corning thinks that they might have made the toughest version of Gorilla Glass to date.

Apple Will Give ‘Hacker Friendly’ iPhones To Top Bug Bounty Hunters
Apple typically keeps their iPhones locked up pretty tight. Some have complained that this makes it almost impossible to customize an iPhone on the same level as an Android device, although it has been suggested that this is done for security purposes. However, it seems that Apple could be relaxing on that rule, at least for a select group of users.

iPhone 12 Launch Has Been Delayed Again
There has been a bit of back and forth on when the iPhone 12 will launch. Some believe that it could launch in September as per its usual timeframe, but it might only be released later. Others believe that it could launch later as Apple does not want to keep customers waiting too long between the product’s announcement and release.

This iPad Keyboard Accessory Comes WIth A Trackpad Built Into The Keyboard Itself
Thanks to Apple’s iPad Pros now offering support for trackpad, we’re starting to see companies such as Logitech launch keyboard accessories for the iPad Pros with trackpads built into them.  The resulting design is a tablet that kind of looks like a laptop, but in case you didn’t fancy the design, you’re in luck.