Android P Name Possibly Leaked By Huawei Support

Google hasn’t confirmed as yet what the Android P name is going to be. It announced the next iteration of Android at its I/O 2018 conference in May and has since been releasing beta builds of the update. Android P is due to be released in a couple of months and we may only get to know what the Android P name is going to be. It appears that a […]

World’s Largest Vertical Farm Being Built In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai, in particular, seems to be obsessed with making the largest and tallest of structures but its latest undertaking has more to do with their future than it is with bragging rights. The world’s largest vertical farm is going to be built in Dubai. Since water scarcity is a major issue in the UAE, it’s imperative to use high-tech, low-water agriculture methods for farming.

Microsoft Launches Surface Go Tablet For $399

There were reports that Microsoft could be launching a cheaper Surface tablet in the near future and the teaser that the company published yesterday suggested as much. The company has now announced the launch of its Surface Go tablet and as expected, it’s priced at $399. The idea with this product is to better compete against the iPad and Chromebooks which are popular in this price range.

Hackers Steal 600 Gallons Of Gas In Detroit

Local news reports from Detroit reveal that the police are looking for two suspects who allegedly managed to steal 600 gallons of gasoline from a gas station by hacking a gas pump. The theft is valued at around $1,800 and it took place in the middle of the day and was ongoing for almost 90 minutes. The gas station attendant was unable to do anything to stop the hackers.


Elon Musk To Build A Kid-Sized Submarine To Rescue Boys Trapped In Cave

Some of you might have heard that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that he had dispatched teams from SpaceX and Boring Co to Thailand, where they would lend their assistance in rescuing the 12 boys and their soccer coach who are trapped inside a cave. Musk has been tweeting out some idea and it looks like he might have come up with a solution.

Samsung’s Galaxy X May Arrive Before Galaxy S10

It has been repeatedly rumored over the past couple of years that Samsung has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline. The company itself has said that it’s going to launch the device but hasn’t confirmed when that’s going to happen. A new report suggests that Samsung’s foldable smartphone, commonly referred to as the Galaxy X, may arrive before the Galaxy S10 is due next year.

China’s ‘Laser AK-47’ Can Set Skin On Fire From A Kilometer Away

Laser weapons have long been a fixture in science fiction but recent developments suggest that the technology is actively being developed for military use. According to a new report, China has developed a “laser AK-47” which is capable of setting human skin on fire from a kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

Microsoft ‘Andromeda’ Device Revealed In Leaked Email

Microsoft’s Surface series of hardware devices have so far been limited to tablets and laptops. There have been rumors of a Surface Phone in the past but that has yet to be revealed, assuming that it is still in the works. However there could be a new Surface device that Microsoft has yet to announce, according to a leaked email obtained by The Verge.

Amazon Echo Reportedly Tells Its Owner, ‘All I See Is People Dying’

The problem with speakers that are always listening is that you sometimes can’t be sure what could trigger it, which in some instances has resulted in some pretty creepy situations. Unfortunately it seems that these are instances that people might need to get used to, according to a report from Metro.

Rat Dies After Breaking Into ATM And Chewing Notes Worth $18,500

ATM machines have tens of thousands of dollars in them which is why the utmost care is taken when manufacturing them to ensure that nobody can get inside the machine easily and steal the money. Perhaps they should have thought about rats as well. A rodent was able to find its way inside an ATM machine in India where it chewed up bank notes worth $18,500 and then died.

Nintendo Cracks Down On Switch Game Card Piracy

Piracy is generally frowned upon, even if some developers aren’t so strict about it, but in the case of Nintendo it seems that the company is taking piracy very seriously. According to reports, it seems that Nintendo is now starting to ban certain certificates issued to game cards by checking to see if they might have been illegally obtained.

GameStop Is Looking To Sell Itself

GameStop, a major retailer of video games and electronics, has confirmed that it’s looking to sell itself. The confirmation comes following a report which revealed that the retailer is in talks with private equity firms about a potential transaction after it received buyout interest. Reuters reported that the company has even hired a financial adviser to assist in these discussions. The company later confirmed the talks itself.

Leaked Photo Shows One Of Samsung’s Cancelled Foldable Phones

For years now we have heard the rumors that Samsung is working on a foldable phone. This phone is said to have a display that is flexible enough where it would allow the phone to be folded, although exactly by how much is anyone’s guess. However thanks to leaked photos from China, we might have an idea of what Samsung might have been planning.

South Korean Carrier Starts Selling iPhone 3GS Again

The iPhone 3GS came out nine years ago and is unquestionably outdated to handle many of the tasks that smartphone users throw at their devices every single day. However, a carrier in South Korea has given a new lease on life to the iPhone 3GS as it’s planning to start selling units of this device that are new and unused still in their original packing.