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Verizon Will Pay You Up To $1,000 For Your Old, Broken Phones
Whenever you trade in a phone, the value of it depends on how old it is and also its condition, which is why you usually try to keep phones in tip-top shape if you plan on trading them in or selling them off later on. However, with Verizon you may no longer have to worry about the condition of your phone.

Apple Approved Bitcoin Scam App Robs Man Of $600,000
While many developers have complained about Apple’s strict and sometimes draconian review process of apps for the App Store, there is a good reason behind that as Apple wants to ensure that no malicious apps or malware disguised as apps make their way into the App Store ecosystem.

How To Export Your LastPass Passwords
Now that LastPass has crippled its free tier, you might be considering looking for a different password manager, so here’s how to export all of your LastPass passwords to bring it over.

Don’t Expect The AirPods 3 At Apple’s April Event
It has been a while since Apple refreshed the AirPods, and if you were hoping that Apple could announce the new model at their rumored April event, think again. This is according to leakster Jon Prosser who during a Genius Bar podcast, revealed that the AirPods 3 would most likely be skipping the event.


Apple Could Kill Off The Higher-End 13-inch MacBook Pro
When it comes to choosing amongst Apple’s MacBook Pro, some people have advised staying away from the higher-end configuration of the 13-inch model. This is because of the price, where if you fork out a bit more, you could get a better specced model in the 15-inch model. The only reason you might go for the 13-inch is for the size.

New Android Malware Disguises Itself As A System Update
Malware on smartphones isn’t new, although what’s troubling is that the creators of these malwares have come up with new and interesting and even more sneaky ways of disguising them to trick users into installing it. The latest malware, as discovered by security firm Zimperium, seems to have managed to disguise itself as an Android system update.

The iPhone 13 Will Continue To Keep Its Ports
There have been rumors that suggest that Apple will eventually launch a portless iPhone. In fact, one of those rumors came from prolific leakster Jon Prosser who back in May 2020, seemed pretty confident that a portless iPhone could launch this year. However, a new report suggests that will not happen.

iOS 14.4.2 Will Fix A Dangerous Safari Exploit
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, then you might want to update your devices ASAP. This is because Apple has released iOS 14.4.2 which comes with a fix for an exploit in Safari that could allow for hackers to potentially manipulate websites through cross site scripting when viewed through Safari on your mobile devices.

If Your PS4’s Clock Battery Dies, So Does Your Console
Nothing lasts forever, at least for the most part, and we usually expect that with our electronic devices due to wear and tear. However, if you own the PS4, it seems that inside the console there is a ticking “time bomb” in the form of the console’s clock battery, where if the battery dies, so does your console.

Dyson’s V15 Stick Vacuum Comes With A ‘Dust Hunting’ Laser
It is no secret that when it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is usually regarded as the Rolls Royce in terms of luxury, and also kind of like Tesla in terms of technology, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the company’s new Dyson V15 Detect stick vacuum cleaner comes with fancy new features that will make cleaning fun.

OnePlus Debuts Its First Ever Smartwatch
OnePlus is a company that is known for their smartphones. The company has dabbled in other product categories in the past, such as headphones, and now it looks like they’re expanding their offerings by creating and launching their first ever smartwatch that comes in the form of the OnePlus Watch.

Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The Keyboard
In order to make laptops thin and light, companies have had to design low-profile keyboards. The problem with low-profile keyboards is that it isn’t always the most pleasant to type on, which is why over the years, we have seen Apple come up with ways to try and create a better laptop keyboard.

MSI Stealth 15M Review (i7-11375H+RTX3060)
The MSI Stealth 15M is a 15-inch ultralight gaming laptop similar to Intel’s concept presented at CES 2021. Gaming laptops come in all shapes and forms, but, indeed, they are rarely slim and light. The MSI Stealth 15M pushes the boundaries for gaming performance / Lbs, a metric that can be key for some users.

Apple Adds FaceTime Framework To Apple TV
Recently it was reported that Apple could be developing new smart home devices like smart displays, which are essentially smart speakers with a display and camera built into it. This suggests that in the future, there is a chance that we could see Apple expand FaceTime to more of its products.

HP Launches A Couple Of New Envy Laptops
If you’re interested in getting your hands on a brand new laptop, then you might be interested to learn that HP has announced a refresh of its Envy lineup. This includes the HP Envy 17 and also the HP x360 15, with the former being the more expensive of the two, while the latter is aimed more towards those who prefer a hybrid design.

OnePlus Watch Will Not Run On Google’s Wear OS
The OnePlus Watch will be revealed in the next couple of days, but it seems that OnePlus has been steadily releasing more information about the watch ahead of its launch, one of which is the operating system of choice, where OnePlus will not be using Google’s Wear OS and will instead feature its own custom platform.

This Is What The OnePlus Watch Looks Like
As some of you might have heard, OnePlus will be launching their very own smartwatch soon, but it seems that ahead of the official announcement, the folks at Unbox Therapy have posted an image of what is apparently the upcoming OnePlus Watch, revealing the design of the watch in the process.

iPhone Production Could Be Disrupted Due To Chip Shortages
As some of you might have heard, there is currently a chip shortage problem around the world. This is affecting pretty much everyone, including Apple, which now according to a new report from Nikkei Asia has suggested that Apple’s iPhone production could very well be disrupted as a result of that.

Coca-Cola Launches A Vending Machine Subscription In Japan
While many of us have seen vending machines, there is pretty much no other country around the world that is as obsessed with vending machines as Japan. The country plays home to vending machines for all kinds of things, from your typical drinks, to snacks, to food items, to clothing, and so on.

Apple’s March 23 Event Was Apparently Never Real To Begin With
Earlier this month, it was initially rumored that Apple could be hosting an event on the 23rd of March. It made sense as Apple typically hosts an event around this time of the year, plus the date was also revealed by several leaksters who have been known to be extremely accurate with their posts in the past.