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MTV Music Video Chart Will Be Socially Powered
Social networks do play a very important role in our lives these days, and they are not only tools used to keep in touch between family and friends, but companies, too, are interested to know just what makes a particular person tick so that they are better able to zero in on future potential customers. Having said that, MTV is set to pioneer a new music video chart known as […]

We Feel Shows How Real Time Feelings Of English-Speaking World
Do you know how the entire world feels at that particular point in time? Obviously not, but this does not mean that an idea like this cannot be expanded upon. With We Feel, this particular Twitter tool would gather data from the millions of English-speaking folk as it works to construct a real-time map of the world’s emotions.

MissionCtrl Analogue Social Media Idea
The Wanted Design show in New York City saw a team of students from the School of Visual Arts expend their creativity by showing off a bunch of interventions which encouraged guests to interact with one another. So much for social media remaining in the digital realm – this is analogue social media that we are talking about, where it involves a bunch of communication platforms which the students carried […]

IRS Might Monitor Social Media To Bust Tax Evaders
Yesterday was tax day in the U.S. Its safe to say that many people scrambled until the very last minute to make sure that they filed their taxes. Everyone wants to go through this process without being audited, people who don’t pay taxes obviously never want to get audited. Even if tax evaders use all kinds of methods to hide from the IRS, they might put themselves in trouble if […]


MH370 Links On Social Networks Spreading Malware
For almost two weeks the world has been baffled by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The flight was on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur when contact was lost almost an hour into the journey. No one has heard from it since then, no wreckage has been found as over 25 countries scour the seas, assuming that MH370 probably crashed. The story is quite obviously getting a lot […]

Lie Detector Tool Will Weed Out Rumors On Social Media
Social media is a great place to get news and updates from around the world. It can be used to spread information about a missing child, a missing person, a missing dog, warning about accidents or traffic jams, but at the same time with great power comes great responsibility. Cheesy, I know, but there are times when one must decide if a particular piece of news is the truth or […]

Facebook News Feed Favors Friends & Pages Vs. Memes
Facebook lets us do much more than just stay in touch with friends. There are countless features that can be used for networking, Pages on the other hand let users connect with their favorite personalities, brands, companies etc. Updates from friends and Pages are shown in the user’s News Feed, a one stop destination for the user’s entire presence on the world’s largest social network. Facebook announced today that it […]

The Fanda: Crowdsourced Global Celebrity Stalking
With the rise of social networking, there is a huge supply of content coming from “celebrities” of all kinds. A Korean startup called Lasso & Company is trying to capitalize on a global flavor of (healthy) celebrity stalking, by not only aggregating the social network updates of celebrities, but also asking the crowd to either translate the updates in their own languages, or vote on the available translations. By doing […]

Social Media Experiment Proves How Easy It Is To Find Out Things About A Total Stranger
When we tweet, update our status, or post a photo onto Instagram, we don’t really think too much about it. In fact it seems that despite all outcries of invasion of privacy from the government, we are all too willing to share where we are, what we are doing, what we are thinking, and how we look like with complete strangers on the internet. It seems innocent enough, at least […]

US Open To Feature Social Media Wall
The U.S. Open is all set to begin in an explosive manner this coming August 26th, where you will find that as a tennis fan, things have never been better. Sure, I am quite sure that Roger Federer is going to find it extremely difficult and challenging in adding to his impressive list of Majors considering how his steamrolling days are just about behind him for quite some time already, […]

Japanese Twitter Users Start New Fad Of Posting Personal Info Online
Twitter is a social media service that has been used in a number of interesting ways as we recently reported on a hotel that encourages its patrons to tweet their experience as well as a story where a woman used the service to get herself out of a locked church. Users in Japan, on the other hand, are using the service to publish their phone numbers, bank account information and home address […]

Video On Instagram Introduced
We’re at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park where Video on Instagram was just announced. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but here are the details that make this news interesting: Instagram for video allows users to snap short clips and combine them into a total video experience that is 15 seconds long at most. You can add filters developed for this particular application and post it on Instagram. “Why 15 seconds” […]

RockMelt For Android Launched
RockMelt, a content aggregation and discovery service is launching its Android app which aims at delivering a user experience that is tailor-made for Android devices which often feature large displays (check our Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review to see what “large display” mean). Instead of simply porting its iOS app to Android, RockMelt has developed a new user-interface (UI) that works very well with a single hand, regardless of the screen-size. […]

Brain Survery Live Broadcast Onto Social Media From UCLA
UCLA Health Systems decided to broadcast a brain surgery live on Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

Google+ Games Shutting Down On June 30
It was nearly two years ago when Google announced it would be introducing games into its Google+ social media service, which they obviously was attempting to dethrone Facebook as the king of social games at the time. It looks like their little “experiment” didn’t do as well as they would have hoped as the company is announcing Google+ Games will be no more starting on June 30.In their official post, Google […]

Identical Twins Meet For The First Time On Facebook
I guess you can say that most twins who grow up together tend to be inseparable, but there are times in life when identical twins had to be separated at birth due to circumstances, and Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier are just such a pair. Separated at birth. Futerman is currently an actress who lives in Los Angeles, while Bordier is a French fashion design student who resides in the […]

Pinterest Rolling Out New Look For All Users
Starting today Pinterest is going to roll out its new look for all users. Back in January Pinterest had offered a select group of pinners to test out the new look they were developing. Now the new Pinterest look is going to be rolled out to all users and they should expect to receive an invitation soon. There are new discovery features aimed at making it easier for users to […]

Facebook Likes Accurately Depict Your Personality Traits
The Facebook Likes are one of the easiest way to interact with a huge number of sites, and users have loved the feature ever since it came out. What most of them don’t suspect is that meaningful data about their personality traits can be extracted from something as simple as a series of Likes. In the Big Data world, people often say “more data is better than smarter algorithms” and […]

Facebook Improves News Feed Design
Facebook is rolling out an updated news feed design that puts even more emphasis on photos and friends. Secondary information (“posted x hrs ago”) fades in the background but is still available if you really want to see it. I really like the new look, which I think make a lot of the text go away (Facebook can be verbose) and improves the overall readability of the site quite a […]

Incredimail Makes Email Easy With Its New iPad App
There currently aren’t many alternatives to Apple’s Mail application for the iPad as the only mail application worth its salt would have to be Google’s Gmail application, although that app’s experience is far from perfect. But a new application called Incredimail might finally give the iPad a mail application that might offer a redesign of your inbox that might be worth your time.Incredimail adopts a Flipboard style interface for your email […]