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Sony A9 Mirrorless Camera with G Master Lens
We are in NYC for the launch of the new Sony A9 (Alpha 9) full-frame mirrorless camera, which is based on Sony’s latest A9 CMOS image sensor. A Sony G Master FE 100-400mn (f4.5-5.6) was launched at the same time and is present on most media photo material.

Sony A77 II with BIONZ X processor and 79-points AF
The Sony A77 II is now officially the successor of the Sony A77 DSLR camera which was introduced to the market 3 years ago, in summer 2011.  The new 24.3 megapixel interchangeable lens camera packs some serious performance and nice enhancements such as its impressive 79-points Auto Focus (AF) system that includes 15 cross points as well. The ISO sensitivity has been expanded from 16000 to up to 25600 and […]

Sony Alpha7R And Alpha 7 Become Official
After having been leaked a couple of days ago, the Sony A7 and A7R have now gone “official”. Both cameras use the E-mount and share lenses with the Sony NEX Series. The FE premium lenses for full-frame sensors would be more adequate, but there are so few of them… Those cameras are the full-frame monsters that die-hard fans were hoping for, and they respectively use impressive 36 and 24 Megapixel […]

Sony α3000 "DSLR-Style" Camera Launched
Sony just made the α3000 (alpha 3000) official. As previous web rumors indicated, it is an entry-level “DSLR-style” (design-wise) camera which is built for those who like the “feel” of DSLR cameras, without diving into complex image capture settings. Basically, the goal is to marry DSLR-like image quality and lens options flexibility, with the ease of use of a point and shoot. In short, the Sony a3000 could satisfy a […]


Sony A38, A58 and A78 Rumored For Launch This Year
Are you looking forward to seeing what sort of new cameras Sony has for us in the year of 2013? While Sony has yet to confirm anything at the moment, the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors claim that at the very least, we will be seeing 3 new SLT models from the Japanese company. Assuming their information is solid and reliable (so far so good we have to admit), it […]

Sony SLT-A37 DSLR, Hands-On
Sony has just announced its new entry-level Apha 37 (a37) Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) which comes with an APS-C image sensor, a high-resolution (electronic) viewfinder and a burst mode that can snap 7 photos per second. This new model basically displaces the older A35 but stays physically comparable to the Sony A33. Most of the action happens on the inside.With the introduction of this model, the whole SLT range shares […]

Sony Alpha A77 nominated for Good Design award
The Sony Alpha A77 has yet to hit the market, but to hear that it has already been nominated for a Good Design award at this month’s Good Design Expo might just speak volumes for its form factor. We’re more interested in what it can deliver through the lens and viewfinder, of course, but for now, at least you know it is one of the better looking shooters out there.Off […]

Nikon D400 and Sony A77 cameras to feature 25Mp crop sensor?
Whispers are going around that Sony’s future A77 Alpha camera and Nikon’s rumored D400 could use an improved crop frame sensor with a resolution that might encroach upon medium format territory. A Sony DSLR trainer said that he heard rumors that the APS-C sensor on the Sony camera would be bumped to 25-megapixels, though there isn’t any confirmation on this just yet.

Sony Alpha A55 And A33 Go Official
We already managed to grab hold of some pictures of Sony’s A55 and A33 DSLR cameras before this, and now they have gone official. Both cameras sport Sony’s new Translucent Mirror Technology which allows the cameras to continuously and quickly focus (with TTL phase-detection) while shooting stills and recording video-even in full HD. The cameras sport a new 15-point autofocus system and 16.2 and 14.2 Exmor APS HD CMOS sensors […]

Pictures And Details On The Upcoming Sony Alpha A290 DSLR Emerge From Vietnam
Is there a trend of upcoming products to surface in Vietnam first? We recently had the iPhone 4G surface there, and now Sony has showed its upcoming entry-level Alpha A290 DSLR over in the country. The A290 should be replacing the current A230 and will mainly offer an upgraded CCD sensor, bumping the megapixel count from 10.2 to 14.2 megapixels. The ergonomics of this camera have also been tweaked slightly […]

Sony Alpha NEX Cameras Up For Pre-order From $549
You’ve probably been drooling over Sony’s latest Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras over the last 24-hours, and now the Japanese company is ready to talk money with you. Pre-orders for both these cameras are already up on Sony’s website, and you have the option of getting the NEX-3 with the 16mm kit lens at $549.99, or dumping in an additional $50 to go for the 18-55mm lens. The NEX-5, which […]

Fancy DSLR Concept Design
If this DSLR concept ever becomes a reality, you can be sure that it’ll make your camera look much more different from the usual stuff that people have. Designed by Ryan David Francis, it’s a redesigned DSLR concept, and seems to place a bit more emphasis on old-school shooters who use the viewfinder more than the LCD. This influence is evident when you notice the tilted LCD display, which provides […]

Sony Alpha DSLR A450 unleashed
Sony has further expanded their Alpha line with the DSLR A450, where it possesses a similar 14.2-megapixel sensor and BIONZ processor as the A550, but you will miss out on a speedy AF live view focus system. If you’re a big fan of flip-out LCD displays, you’ll be disappointed as this will be missing as well. There is no word on an official price point just yet, but whispers abound […]

Sony Officially Introduces Three User-Friendly DSLR Cameras + Accessories
Sony introduces three new DSLR cameras, named a230, a330 and a380, for casual users who want to use DSLRs like awesome point and shoot cameras.First of all, the cameras are lighter than previous models. The A-230 weighs 15.9oz (450g) and all three are more compact than previous models . The user interface has been changed to be more intuitive, but we’ll have to try that in the field to confirm. All models […]